Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow days!

Last Friday we had a snow day.  A snow day - in Texas!  The kids were beyond excited to be able to stay home from school and spent hours playing outside in the snow.

This much snow ;-)

Today is another snow day.  There is no snow on the ground (so no picture to show you), but the roads are icy and people in Texas do not know how to drive on icy roads - or when it rains.  This morning there was no announcement of today's cancellation.  In fact, I woke up the kids and got them all the way to the school drop off line only to see school employees standing with poster board signs that said TWO HOUR DELAY, GO HOME.  Well done, school district.  Great planning and timing.

We turned around and headed home and the kids IMMEDIATELY put on their Christmas pjs.  I am not kidding, they still wear them all the time.  We later got word that school would be cancelled for the day.

The good news is the kids are happy as can be.

The bad news is both of these days will need to be made up.


  1. Lots of fun to have "Snow Days" until it comes time to make them up--not so much fun then...hope not too many more days of snow here this year--one is two many....

  2. Those poor kids don't know what snow is. Bring them up to Wisconsin so they can play in real snow!!! I am glad they got to experience having a couple of snow days. One of the joys of childhood (or adulthood) is having a snow day.


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