Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer fun subway art

Another sign!

This sign seemed like a really cute idea.  It took me!  I kid you not.  There are a lot of little pieces to this one.  In the end, I think it is worth all of the work.  

I hope.

When I think about summer, I immediately think about all the things we could do.  All the fun we could have. That is when it hit me.  Make a bucket list!  This sign measures approximately 12 x 24 inches and I used all summer inspired colors.  

There is nothing on the back of this sign... yet.  I haven't quite decided what should be on the other side of this sign. 

I better hurry.  Summer will be here before we know it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Funny friday #3

**I just discovered this post was never published.  I am not sure why, but it needs to be.  Enjoy.**

I am back with another funny picture.

Caleb was working on his science fair project to determine which brand of popcorn kernels produced the least amount of unpopped kernels...

and this is what he wore.

Christmas pjs, flag football medal and nerf safety glasses.  Makes total sense, no?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Well look at this!

This blog has always been a fun hobby for me.  Posting pictures of the kids has been a memory book that we can go back and look at... since I do not scrapbook ever.  Sharing the projects that we complete is a great motivator to keep creating and completing my list of things to do.  I have never made a huge attempt to "market" my blog because that kind of scares me.  It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a blog current. And, there is always that fear that no one will read it.

I was looking at my blog this weekend and came across this!

My most popular post BY FAR is one I posted about end of the year teacher gifts.  A simple, easy, quick gift.  It gets looked at over and over again.  I was even mentioned on this blog (Listotic) about 35 DIY easy gift ideas everyone will love


MY IDEA is #9!

Not too bad, huh?!  She even gave me credit by listing my blog (and a link) at the bottom!

Maybe someday I will take that leap and work on getting my blog name out there for the world to read.  For now, I appreciate the six family members that do read this blog :-)

And maybe I will even share a link to my Etsy shop.  Maybe.

For now, I will enjoy being #9.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Olivia turns 9!

Can you believe Livy Do (we also like to call her Liver or O-yiv-ia as Ella says) is 9 years old?!?!

She quickly figured out that her actual birthday would fall on Monday, a school day, and decided that it wasn't fair that most of her day would be spent at school, so she decided it only made sense that we should celebrate on Sunday.  So we did :-)

After opening a few birthday presents in her pjs, we headed to the movie theater.  We were all so excited to see Muppets Most Wanted!

We then headed to our usual birthday stop - Dave and Buster's!  The kids spent most of the time at the one game... the claw.  They are OBSESSED with winning jewelry.  They get so excited when they win and wear their treasures so proudly!  Olivia won a huge ring, Caleb won earrings that he kindly gave to me... all in all, I think they walked away with 15 pieces of fine jewelry!

After playing at Dave and Buster's, we headed over to Gramma (Gramma is doing very well cruising around her house with her walker) and Papa's house to open the rest of Olivia's gifts and eat Oreo cake. 

A few weeks ago we bought Olivia a HUGE stuffed puppy and have had it hiding in a closet at Gramma and Papa's house.  Caleb and Ella were with me when we bought it and never spilled the beans to Olivia. Ella was so excited to finally surprise her with it!

This picture is a perfect example of the kids.  Caleb is trying to blow out Olivia's candles, Olivia is giving Caleb her look and Ella is laughing away.

I am pretty sure Olivia had a great early-ish birthday!  On Monday, we took puppy cupcakes to school and she spent the rest of the day playing with her new Lego sets and Barbies!

Happy 9th Birthday Miss Olivia!!!!!!!!!

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