Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fences and gates and landscaping... oh my!

It has been awhile since I posted an update on Mom and Dad's house.  So here you go!

There have been a lot of changes at Mom and Dad's house.  The fence along their backyard was replaced by a stone/brick wall.  It looks so much better than the ratty old wood one.   

Mom and Dad also got together with their neighbors and had the fence that is in between each yard replaced.  Such a nice update to all the hard work they have put into sprucing up their flower beds...

Here is a picture I took from the street.  A bit stalker-ish, but I don't mind.

And now I am safely back in Mom and Dad's yard.  The back fence is gone.  This will be done along the entire street in the neighborhood.  What a nice change!

A bobcat dug a trench for the new fence.

Then a chain link fence went in temporarily.  Jack was questioning the worker on the length of this project.  He told her 3 weeks. 

Jack inspecting the new stone fence going in.

Here is a picture of the old fence along the sides.

Another view of old fence.  Notice the Dad's lawn is mowed perfectly.  Moving to Texas hasn't changed that.  Sometimes he even helps me mow my yard :)  Then he makes me pay him cash.

Here is the new fence going in. 

Part of the old fence.  Mom and I wanted Dad to save some of this wood for projects.  Did you Dad?

 And drumroll, please...

The new fence and gate!

A close-up of the gate.

Other side of their house.  Lawn still perfectly mowed. 

Birds built a nest right inside their entry way.   You have to duck and run to enter or leave their house in fear they may attack you.  Ok, so they won't attack.  But, if the Mom bird gets scared or Ella yells too loud at the nest after you tell her to be quiet, she bolts out of her nest.  So, we tiptoe as much as we can.  This is as close as I could get without scaring her.

Now, for the finished backyard.  New wood fence, new stone fence.

Can you see what is hiding in the tree?  Dad's favorite!

Dad added landscape timbers along the back fence.

Jack eats her breakfast each morning on the patio.  This is her view.  (Actually, her view would be lower.)  Not bad!

And Mom's favorite.  Her goat cart.

Not too shabby Mom and Dad!  Your yard looks great!! 

If it ain't broke...

Change it! 

Our dining room was done.  Decorated.  Window treatments and all. 

The only problem?  In 5 years, we NEVER used our dining room table.  NEVER.  Our kitchen table is big enough to seat all of us.  Even if Mom and Dad come over for a "feast" as Olivia calls it.  She loves a feast.  And feast to her can be hotdogs and chips as long as everyone sits at the table together.

So, we listed our table on Craigslist and within 10 minutes had a buyer!  Woo hoo.  Thank you, Dad, for lifting it into their truck!

Now, the fun begins.  We used the cash made from the dining room to purchase Billy bookcases from IKEA.  This is going to become a room with a wall of built in bookshelves and a smaller, round table.  Which I still need to find.  Picture a room to sit, read, play boardgames... do homework... put a puzzle together...

Right now the room looks like this:

Stayed tuned!  And thanks, Chad, for agreeing to this project!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Silly kids

I just realized that I never published this post.  I took this picture in February.  February.  So here goes.

The kids decided to pull up a few laundry baskets and watch some cartoon this weekend!  They are each sitting in a laundry basket - with pillows and blankets. 

It is a good thing I keep my laundry caught up:) 

I am still trying to figure out how to post new things while still keeping up with the kids and house.  I am not doing a very good job.  Any suggestions?

Chad and I did get a lot done this weekend.  We are changing the girls rooms a little, we painted some furniture and we are selling our dining room table.  Why, you ask?  Just wait and see!  At the rate I am going, you will see those pictures in October.

I hope not.

I also want to change my blog header.  But I need to learn how to do that first.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Berry Farms Field Trip

Ella and her preschool class went on a trip to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. We have been there before for their pumpkin festival.  This was the first time for picking yummy strawberries. The kids had a lot of fun and I was glad I was able to go.

Take a look at her day...

Farmer Leroy was our tour guide.  

Farmer Leroy told the kids they would be feeding the goats first.  Ella wasn't too thrilled.

So I did!

She would pet them, just not feed them.

Next up, releasing lady bugs into the strawberry fields.  Farmer Leroy told the kids the lady bugs would eat the nasty aphids that destroy the strawberries.  With their help, he would not have to put harmful pesticides on the strawberries!

Ella wasn't too sure about letting her ladybug go.

So I did!

Can you see Ella's ladybug?

Now it was time to learn about the lifecycle of a pumpkin and the kids were able to plant their very own pumpkin seed.  Farmer Leroy said it takes about 10 months for a pumpkin to grow - IF it has really good soil and sun.  He also said they should have given the kids bean seeds.  I think he was trying to say these seeds would never grow into the pumpkin of our dreams.

Finally, it was time to pick strawberries.  The children were told:  The redder the better, the greener the meaner.  It worked!  The kids were so careful about what strawberry they picked.

Yummy strawberries!

After strawberry picking, it was time to pet the horses.

Lunch time!

The kids also got ice cream and a coloring book from Farmer Leroy.

And the best part of their field trip - bouncy mounds.  Tarps have been buried into the ground.  Air is blown under them and viola - bouncy mounds.  The kids LOVED it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last week Mom celebrated her 39th birthday... that is what she told our server anyway :)

Mom and I were able to spend the day running fun errands and had lunch at Chili's.  We shared skillet queso and baked potato skins if you were wondering. 

I also attempted my first ice box cake.  Not the easiest cake to make, but I think it turned out ok.  I will have to try it again, now that I know how to make it.

We then went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Mom had her favorite drink, a margarita!  Cheers!

The kids had never been there and were shocked that you could throw peanut shells on the floor.  Here is Ella trying to crack open her peanut...  Note to self, teach kids how to eat peanuts in the shell.

Olivia pretending to be a beaver :)

Caleb kept busy playing games...

and dancing!

Ella was hiding under her dress playing games on my phone.  She is quite normal.

When it was time to sing for Mom's birthday, they brought out a saddle for her to sit on while we shouted Yee-haw!  Mom said no.  The kids hopped right on.

And even though she is going to yell at me for this picture - Mom eventually hopped on too!

And so did Dad!

Happy Birthday Mom!  I hope you had a nice day!!

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