Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More on Molly...

We have been talking about getting a dog for over two years now. 

I think we have decision making issues.

We have visited shelter after shelter and it just never felt right.  So, we would wait and look again.  And again.  We knew we wanted to adopt from a shelter and were looking for a dog that was a couple years old (puppy = work! ) and would be great with the kids.  We recently found a couple of good dogs, but we hesitated and they were adopted before we could bring them home.  Then, I looked online late one night just to see what was out there and I found her... in San Antonio!  Chad thought I was crazy and mumbled something about there being lots of dogs in Round Rock.  Where is his sense of adventure?

Molly was listed along with her sister.  She is 5 months old and is a lab/border collie mix - a borador.  She is approximately 25 pounds and is adorable!  She and her sister were rescued from an amazing organization named SAROCKS (San Antonio - Real Options for Changing Kills Shelters).  They are a newly formed organization that is fighting to make San Antonio a no-kill city.  This puppy and her sister would not have been saved due to their young age.  Thank goodness they were discovered by SAROCKS and given a second chance!  In order to even meet a pet or talk to an adoption coordinator you have to apply and fill out paperwork.  I filled out the paperwork just for kicks.  Luckily, I passed!

After many emails back and forth, Holly (the foster puppy mom) offered to drive the puppy here.  Without seeing this puppy in person (we did see a couple of pictures), we said we will take her! 

Then we panicked... what if she wasn't cute?  what if she had no personality?  what if she wasn't the right puppy?  There was so much we didn't know.

What we did know was that she was in a foster home so she was used to being around people.  She was 100% crate trained and almost house broken.  She is also spayed, micro chipped and up to date on her immunizations. 

On November 14, while the kids were in school and Chad was at work, the puppy was on her way to her new home.  I made sure the house was picked up (cuz puppies notice clean homes) and Dad even mowed the yard so that it was ready to go!  Mom and Dad were even here when she arrived.  And she was so cute! 

It took us DAYS to name her.  Her name was Raven (Holly and her family are Baltimore Ravens fans).  We called her many names for a few days - Molly, Milly, Nellie, Motsie, Lola, Olive.  Finally, we decided on Molly.

A few things about Molly:
1.  She HATES her kennel.  Yep, HATES it.  She came to us crate/kennel trained.  If we put her in her kennel and leave, she has an accident.  When I have to leave the house, Mom or Dad comes over to sit with her - she is SO spoiled!
2.  She eats her food in 1.2 seconds.
3.  She LOVES to snuggle on the couch.  She will curl up into a tiny ball and fall right to sleep.
4.  She loves to chew on her purple monkey.
5.  She has discovered our stairs and knows there is a critter (Logan) lurking behind Olivia's door.  She has yet to see him, but she knows...
6.  She does not like car rides and gets car sick.  We are working on this.  This past weekend, we took her to Petsmart and Mom and Dad's house and she did great!
7.  She loves her belly to be rubbed and when she greets you, she drops to the floor and rolls over.
8.  She is GREAT with the kids - and Jack.
9.  She follows me everywhere.  Worse than a toddler.  I can't even tiptoe away... she is right behind me.
10.  She is learning to fetch!  She is so funny with a frisbee and when she catches the tennis ball, she shreds all the fuzz off of it.

And, I have to add this one:
11.  She LOVES ice cubes :)  If she hears the ice maker or sees you walk into the kitchen, she runs and waits for you to feed her a piece of ice.  So silly!!

So, if you are looking to adopt a puppy - look in San Antonio:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meet Molly

We adopted a puppy!  Her name is Molly.  She is a 5 month old lab/border collie mix.  She is sweet, adorable and great with the kids!  She is still getting used to her new home and is a bit nervous.

Here she is!

 I will be back with the story of how we found her.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report Cards

On Tuesday, the kids brought home their first report cards of the school year.  The girls receive numbers on their cards... and both girls did great! 

In third grade, however, they now receive letter grades.  Take a look at what came in Caleb's report card...  we are so proud of him!  He has really worked hard this year and loves his teacher, Ms. Novak.  If you ask him about school, he still says it is "awesome!"

Thank you, Ms. Novak - and please keep doing what you are doing :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ella reads!

It is official.

Homework time is getting busier!

Ella is now bringing home reading group books. She has to read her book throughout the week and then complete various writing activities.  So far, she is loving it.  She wants to read!  And, she loves to write while carefully sounding out each part of every.single.word.

Here is her first reading group book.



My favorite part of these pictures is that she is holding her beloved fluffy :)  Can you see it in her hand?

And, in case you were wondering, the books have gotten more difficult.  I think the teacher sent this one home to trick ease the kids into reading homework.  The books now are full of Kindergarten "heart" words.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday!  I am going to celebrate by going to get my drivers license renewed, stuffing Tuesday folders at school for all 3 kids classes, buying fresh hay for Logan, eating a delicious lunch paid for by Mom and Dad (I am thinking steak...), and, of course, voting!

Here is what I got for my birthday!  Thanks, Chad!

Happy Birthday to Tom!  Hope you have a great day!!
I am pretty sure he doesn't read this blog - or any blogs, but Ade will and she can pass on my message:) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Give me s'more!

What am I doing today? 

I am so glad that you asked!

I am assembling the parts for approximately 900 s'mores for our school carnival tonight... sounds fun, right?  Carefully placing 1 graham cracker, 1 marshmallow and 1 small chocolate bar into a ziploc bag... 900 times.

I could not do this all by myself.  So, I talked Mom and Dad into helping me.  I am pretty sure they are super excited:)

And, I am pretty sure that after this morning, we won't want to eat a s'more ever again!

So, what are you doing today?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Trick or treating

Trick or treating was a success! 

The kids couldn't get their costumes on soon enough!  They inhaled a piece of pizza and were ready to go:)  It was kind of crazy this year...  In addition to my 3 kids, we trick or treated with neighbors and friends.  At one point there were 8 kids to keep track of as they ran from house to house!

We survived and the kids walked away with a crazy amount of candy!  That is what it is all about!!

Caleb was a ninja - quiet, slick and fast as can be!

Olivia was a vampire bride - with pointy vampire teeth, black nails (and lips) and the cutest wig ever!

Ella was also a vampire bride - with dark black nails (and lips!), sharp vampire teeth and dead flowers!

Here is part of the crew... I soon gave up taking pictures as I wasn't able to keep up with all of them!

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