Thursday, September 4, 2014

New york - week 11

This week we had a visitor - Grandpa Plem!  The kids were very excited to see him - and even more excited when they talked Grandpa Plem into swimming with them :-)

Olivia challenged him to a swimming race - and then another race...

Olivia thoughtfully wrapped a towel around her neck - and viola - a "tarf" was created!

She also said it could be called a "scowel."

This girl is so good with combining words.  One day we were driving in the car and I was a bit frustrated with the kids and their crazy behavior.  I began to explain that there is a difference between having fun and being annoying... and Olivia, without skipping a beat, said, "Mom, that would be funnoying!"

Even I had to laugh!

The kids loved Grandpa Plem's screen saver.  Although Ella kept asking where she was.  I told her she must have been taking a nap.

Here is another update on Olivia's finger that she smashed with a brick.  Not good, but getting better.

More pool days with Grandpa Plem.

And more races.

The kids have become really good friends with a group of kids here.  They all play so well together! Olivia is not in the picture because she was back in the apartment hanging out the Grandpa Plem.

This week we also celebrated Chad's 40th birthday!  40!  Old man alert!!

We blew up balloon after balloon.

Then Ella said, "I have an idea!"   ;-)

Actually, it was Caleb that had this brilliant idea - use the pump to blow up the balloons.  It worked!! Why didn't he suggest this 30 balloons ago?!

After all the balloons were done, the girls made balloon angels.  Like snow angels, but a lot less cold.


The kids helped decorate the apartment.

And patiently waited outside for Chad to come home.

When they saw his car, the rushed back inside and hid so that they could yell "surprise" when he walked in.  So sneaky!

Then we headed out to dinner.

While waiting for our table, Caleb practiced taking his mug shot.  Never know when/if this skill may come in handy.  I kid.

Here is the crew awaiting our dinner and show.

Here is Chad enjoying some birthday sake.

Plem was brave enough to try some too!

This was the first time Caleb had been to a restaurant like this so he was in awe.

Our chef entertainer asked if Caleb wanted to try some sake as well.  He called it "baby sake."  Caleb was a bit worried we let him have an adult drink... and then he said his sake tasted like Sprite ;-)

After the sake tasting, it was time to catch flying food in your mouth.  Caleb also tried this and caught a piece!  This is his reaction to what was in his mouth, after the excitement of catching it was over.  I told him it was a yummy vegetable and that didn't help.  It was zucchini and he spit it out.   I am proud of him for trying and catching it!

After a dinner filled with veggies, fried rice (white rice for the girls), steak, lobster, scallops, and chicken, we headed home to open presents and eat cupcakes!  The kids and I bought him a nice dress watch for work and Plem bought him a nice bottle of wine... which we all drank that night!

The kids made cards for Chad.

When the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting covered with Hershey's chocolate kicked in, the kids took off their shirts and had a wresting match.  These kids are totes normal. 

Chad leaves for work very early in the morning.  One morning I woke up and found Olivia in my bed... other days it has been Caleb or Ella.  Sneaky kids!

Over the weekend, the boys took a trip to see the Saratoga Automobile Museum and the Saratoga Battlefield - but took zero pictures.  You can click on the links to learn about both places if you'd like to learn something.

While the boys were away, I asked the girls what they wanted to do for the day.  They wanted to go to Taco Bell and then watch a princess movie at home.  No movie theaters, no restaurants, no shopping, no Target for these girls.  What?!?!

So, we drove to Taco Bell and they ate in the car.  Like this.

That night Grandpa offered to babysit and Chad and I went out!  We ate and walked around the beautiful streets of downtown Saratoga Springs.

It sure was a fun week with Grandpa Plem!  So much fun, that he decided to stay longer!


  1. So glad Plem got to come and visit!! It has been so long. Too bad Papa and Uncle weren't there to add to the entertainment level with him!! The kids sure were happy to have him with them for a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing last weeks of summer vacation in NY, but REALLY looking forward to seeing you and the kids Sunday evening when you come back--WE HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grampa Plem is such a good grampa for swimming with the kids. I bet they loved having him visit. I don't blame Caleb for spitting out the zucchini, I would have too. ICK! Looks like Chad had a great birthday.


  3. I love those silly polka dot hats!


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