Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We surprised the kids this past weekend with tickets to Legofest!  We were so excited to take them.  Caleb loves Legos and the girls are building up their own Lego collections.

The excitement soon wore off.  Legofest was packed.  There were so many people there that every building station was crammed full, with very little to no room to play and explore.  Lines of people filled the aisles.  You had to wait in lines to take pictures with the large Lego characters and even then people would sneak in front of you.

We lucked out in one building station that was collecting donations for the children's hospital.  With each donation, you could create something to add to the Lego garden.

Caleb's favorite part were the cases filled with perfectly constructed Lego sets.  Some of them had questions posted on them that had you look at every little detail to find the answer.  Caleb loved it!

The busier it got, the more frustrated the kids became.  (And me too.)  Can't really blame them.  It is hard to enjoy something so fun, when it is so packed and sadly, people these days aren't very friendly.

We decided next year, we will save our money and take the kids to Target to buy their own Lego set.  And get us a Starbucks coffee.  We all win.

Here are the pictures from our day!  Look at Olivia's face... she was overwhelmed before we even started.

I was lucky enough to get a picture of Chad with the kids.  This is what he looks like if he waits too long to eat :) 

This is the garden area.  We should have stayed here longer!


Caleb built a building... for the garden.

Olivia built a pretty flower.
Ella built a tree thingy.


We saw this picture while walking back to our car.  It made me laugh.   Couldn't they have added an "R" between we and open?  Just sayin!

Here is another picture for Ericka.  I took this while crossing the road.  I didn't want to get run over so it is a little blurry.  Better blurry than nothing, right?



  1. It is too bad it was so crowded--it looks like so much fun for the kids! They managed to build a little bit with the legos--should have been more with what it costs. I like all the famous movie people out of legos. Ericka would love the Johnny Depp character. Maybe next time they will have it better organized....

  2. They need to do something different so this can be enjoyed by everyone. At least they had a little fun. Thanks for thinking about me Aubs! Where was this that they have a street named after Willie? Downtown Austin I'm guessing.

    I hope you got lunch for Chad.....


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