Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This girl

Yesterday, Ella's lunchbox came back untouched.  It was full of her favorite foods, cut into cute shapes.  Her juice box was not even opened.  Panic and worry set in and I didn't know what to do.  I pictured Ella sitting in the cafeteria scared, helpless with no friends.  It is only a week since school started and clearly Ella was not adjusting... or so I worried.

I asked her why her lunch was not eaten.  She was quiet and didn't say anything.  I explained that she has to eat so her body has energy to learn and grow.  I explained that if she has trouble opening things, she can raise her hand and ask for help.

I emailed her teacher to see if Ella was adjusting to Kindergarten...

To make a long story short, Ella bought a school lunch yesterday!  What?!  She has no money in her lunch account.  Caleb would NEVER think of eating a school lunch.  Olivia wants to, but is too nervous about it.  So I never thought to talk about it with Ella.

I asked her how she knew how to go through the lunch line, how she paid for it and why did she do this?  She said that school lunches are so good!  And that little kids don't have to pay.

Oh boy.  I explained to her that we DO have to pay and that she was lucky they let her have a lunch.

What did she order?

A chef's salad, banana and chocolate milk :)

This girl loves salads and can't wait to order her next school lunch.  I am off to add money to her lunch account.

This girl is going to make me work hard to keep up with her and keep my sanity!  But, I sure do love her!


  1. How funny is this--did they take her name to charge you or did the teacher pay? How did she know how to go through the line and what to ask for? That Ella!! She made some really great choices for lunch--maybe you will only need to start making two lunches...

  2. Guess you don't have to worry about her! How cute is that! I am guessing that she is adjusting quite well to school.


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