Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas 2016 - part 1

Since the holiday season is over, I thought it would be a perfect time to share some Christmas pictures.  And because I haven't shared in a long time, I thought I would share the entire month of December now.

Our holiday season began with Buddy, the Elf.  He followed Chad and I home from the store while were out shopping without the kids, enjoying the peace and quiet.  Chad set Buddy up outside and said no word to the kids.  We just waited.

Molly noticed Buddy right away and was not impressed.  Soon the kids found him and laughed and laughed.  Christmas season had officially begun.

We purchased a new pre-lit tree for Chad's office that still needs to be painted.

The colors of the tree can be changed by the simple tap of your foot.  Ella thought this was the best and would change it to rainbow color right after I would change it to white.  Over and over again.

Buddy finally made his way outside to greet the neighborhood with smiles - because smiling is his favorite!

Molly spent a lot of time sporting adorable bandanas as she chewed her holiday bones.

Chad made this HUGE chalkboard from barn wood from a house here in Ballston Spa.  It is from the same barn that we made the fireplace with.  It is so clean and pretty, that I have yet to write on it. Thank you, Mom, for that trait.

On the opposite wall of the yet-to-be-written-on chalkboard, we hung the advent calendar that Mom and I made.  Remember you can click on that link to go see how we made that.

I bought the kids latch hook kits to keep them busy and off electronics during the winter months. Remember those?  I think I am going to order myself one!

The kids got dressed up and helped decorate the tree.  Actually, they did most of it.  I sat and watched (and listened) in awe as they carefully chose where to place each ornament.

They then took all the tissue paper that was used to wrap and protect the ornaments and made Molly into a lion.

Ella found a new tree skirt.

And joined a mariachi band.

I dusted off my Silhouette and made a couple signs.

Ella likes to sneak my phone and take cute pictures of herself.  I thought I would pay her back by posting said pictures. You are welcome, Ella.

The girls are still in dance class and love going each week.

Ella and Caleb did chores.  Had to document that!

Chad's friend has a booth at a local antique store so we took a couple of my signs down there to hopefully sell.  It is a large store, full of treasures.  The first time Mom and I went there we never even realized there was an upstairs.  My signs are upstairs so that could be bad news.

We went out to dinner and played Hang Man and Tic Tac Toe.  Fun times.

We shopped for the kids Christmas ornaments in this amazing store.  It is three stories of ornaments, decorations, treats, clothing, jewelry, books, and more. 

Chad and I were invited to a white elephant Christmas party and we took this as one of our gifts.  The sign was a hit and three woman fought over it!

Chad and I went out for steak and crab at this local restaurant we had yet to visit.  So good, I had to yell at Chad for not taking me there sooner.

Olivia and I had a Starbucks date.

Icky modeled and was featured on HelloFresh's Instagram page.

Our shoveler shoveled.  Many, many times so far this winter.

The kids built a snowman.

Chad snowblowed... the kids.

The kids made snow for their science experiment.

The girls helped Chad pick out a tie for his holiday work party.  I rocked a black dress.

Ella photobombed another picture.

We bought an old Hoosier cabinet off of Craigslist and are refinishing it.  Our current pantry is extremely small and this cabinet will be much needed storage.   It was green and yellow and in rough shape.  The top still needs to be reconfigured to make it work.   Thanks to Papa for stripping paint, sanding and repainting!  Could you please come back and help with the top?!

Here is the bottom portion.  Much better than the open bookshelf we were using.  I can't wait for the top to be finished. Hint, hint Chad.

Caleb and I went shopping and donated animal supplies to the local animal shelter - and food to the local food bank.  Can we just take a moment to recognize how much this boy has changed since we moved?  His voice, his glasses, his braces.  Sniffle, sniffle.

I won an award.

So did Olivia.

It snowed again.

And we went to see Santa.

I still have more to share, but this post was getting too long.  Up next, part 2.  


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    1. Ooops!! Didn't mean to do that...wanted to fix some typos...So glad you posted again...we love to see the kids and your home and what everyone is up to. The kids look like they had so much fun decorating for Christmas...even Molly...she looks so cute as a lion! Can't wait to see the rest of Christmas...and more!!!

  2. I'm so glad you finally did a blog entry! I can't believe how much Caleb has grown. He's not a little boy anymore! I wanted to see a picture of you though!


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