Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY advent calendar

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?!?!?!

This year I really wanted to make my own Advent calendar.  I have a large frame that I have been holding on to for years.  It was made by Chad's Grandpa Plemon and is huge.  I knew it would work perfectly, so Mom and I headed off to Michaels to look for the rest of the supplies. 

We bought:
*mini clothes pin
*mini envelopes
*washi tape 
*green buttons

I already had:
*large frame (we spray painted red)
*bakers twine
*more washi tape
*more buttons!

To begin, we threaded 5 mini clothes pins on the bakers twine.  Based on the size of the frame, we planned to do 5 rows of 5 envelopes.

Since the frame is made of solid oak, Chad did the stapling.  Since Chad is an engineer, he did the measuring to make sure all 25 envelopes fit perfectly.

Once each string was stapled, I went back a tied a knot to make sure the string wouldn't come loose. 

I quickly clipped all 25 envelopes to see how it looked.  We totally lucked out that the frame was the perfect size for the envelopes.  Well planned, Grandpa Plemon!

Next, Mom and I went to town decorating each envelope.  The plan was to be simple, but fun.  That plan was quickly thrown out the window when we realized the amazingness of washi tape!  It is so fun to use and adds so much to each envelope.  We went back and added washi tape to each envelope - and stickers and buttons...

And here it is!

Inside each envelope is a piece of paper with an activity.  This year I kept it very simple since the kids just got out of school last Friday and the nights were filled with homework.

Activities included in envelopes:
*write a letter to Santa
*hang your new ornament on the tree
*bake cookies and deliver to neighbors
*watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate and extra marshmallows
*play a family board game
*make a washi tape Christmas tree 
*make crayon ornaments

Next year I hope to add in more random acts of kindness to help my kids understand the real meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.  That is my plan.

I am off to get a few more things done.  I am almost ready!  Are you?


  1. If I so say so myself--I think that is just about the most darling Advent Calendar!! Simple, colorful, fun and easy to do, uses Grampa Plemon's frame--how great is that---and washi tape!! We had so much fun that day putting all the envelopes together--but when you put on that first piece of tape--Voila!! It added so much. Great project and Thank you for letting me share. Maybe next year when Adrienne, Tommy and Riley come back we could all do some projects together....That would be so fun!!!

  2. I love it! It is perfect! I love everything about it. It's so cute. Did you see one like this somewhere or just make it up yourself?

    But what the heck is washi tape?


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