Saturday, March 4, 2017

Headed back home - new york home tour - part 1

Did you hear our news?

We are moving!!!

When Chad was offered the position here in upstate New York, we jumped at the chance for an adventure.  Now, two years later, a new adventure awaits us in a familiar state - Texas!

We have only been in this house just over a year and a half, but we have done SO MUCH to it.  Take a look!

Our foyer:

Our mudroom:

Our homeschool room (dining room):

Chad's office:

The piano room (a small room/passthrough in between office and living room):

Our kitchen:

Our living room:

Our powder room:

The stairs just inside the front door:

Next up, the upstairs!


  1. You have made this home so have put your decor style and personality into this home. You will miss it I think, but how wonderful is it you are coming back home to Texas!!! We are so excited!!! You will soon be here and will have a new home to create into your own. And hopefully chickens too!!! Papa,Lily and I, and Uncle too are so happy!!! Soon...

  2. Beautiful home...I'm sure it wi be hard to leave (especially the snow)but you'll find a new property to put your special touches on...where you can have chickens and maybe even a couple of goats :) looking forward to seeing you in Texas

  3. What a beautiful home. Whoever moves in here will be so lucky with every thing you've done. But you will be able to fix up a new home in Texas. And think how fun that will be!


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