Thursday, March 9, 2017

Headed back home - new york house tour - part 2

Time to move upstairs!  

All of our bedrooms are located upstairs as well as the laundry room.  Our current New York house is approximately 2,500 square feet.  Our Texas house was around 4,000 square feet and had an extra garage.  I have decluttered and purged my heart out!  It was a lot of work to get rid of so much, but we don't miss it ONE BIT!

Molly's favorite spot at the top of the stairs:

Our master bedroom:

Our master bathroom:

Our master closet:

Olivia's room:

Ella's room:

 Our laundry room:

Caleb's room:

And the kids bathroom:

Next up, the basement!


  1. Sweet Molly...she watches over everyone and everything! The bedrooms all turned out so perfect for each of the kids personalities and likes. Soon, you will be decorating new rooms in a new home! I can't wait!!

  2. Your house is so neat and tidy. It's almost like no one lives there! I love how you have decorated each of the bedrooms. I wish I had a nice laundry room like that.


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