Thursday, December 22, 2011


What is more fun than making cookies with your family? 

Honest answer?

I am only kidding, Mom:)  Although, if you have made krumkakes with my parents, you may know what I am talking about.  This is a serious process for a serious cookie.  They have it down perfectly and I am still learning.  The cookies burn your (at least my) fingers as you roll them.  And you have to roll them right away - and not too tight or too loose.  It takes the perfect roll.

Olivia LOVES these cookies and will ask to go to bed so that she can eat them in the morning as a special treat!

Gramma mixing krumkake batter

Papa preparing for krumkake rolling

Gramma is in charge of the hot griddle

Papa perfectly rolling krumkakes

All in all, we survived and were left with plenty to hand out to neighbors and friends as well as many to enjoy for the days to come.

Next, we will attempt spritz and chocolate chip cookies.  Yummy!!


  1. Your Mom and Dad are krumkake making machines. When I made them with you Dad one year I could barely keep up!

  2. I bet those are the BEST ( and maybe only) Krumkakes in all of Texas!!!

  3. Notice mom has her tongue sticking out in that first pic!!!


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