Monday, July 30, 2012

First sleepover

This past Saturday, the kids had their very first sleepover - at Gramma and Papa's house!

Chad and I dropped them off and RAN before Mom and Dad changed their minds!  They had a blast and kept busy jumping at The Hoppin' House, eating burgers (the only hamburger Caleb will eat - and he eats the entire burger so we go there whenever he asks) and playing more at Mighty Fine, building with Magic Nuudles (Ade - go get these at Hobby Lobby!), eating snacks and more. 

Thank you, Mom and Dad!  It was nice to run errands and have a quiet meal - and a margarita or two:)  And the kids were so excited!  Olivia was packed and ready to go days before!

Thanks for doing it again this weekend!

Too soon?


  1. Papa and I had as much fun as the kids! They were extremely well behaved and polite and appreciative. The Magic Nuudles were so much fun to create with. We played with them so long we never got to the jewelry making--next time! We are a little ashamed it took so long to have them spend the night--I needed to have the guest room done (it is almost done) and of course the kids don't care. They like to come during the day for treats and hanging out with Jack, and Papa and Caleb play Chess. The only thing better will be when Tommy and Riley are here sometime and all the Grandkids can be together and go crazy!!!

  2. Did you make them brown sugar toast for breakfast?

    1. No--They picked Cinnamon Rolls--maybe that will be their breakfast--or sometime they will want to have Brown Sugar Toast--I still love it for sure...

    2. Ooohhhhh I might have brown sugar toast for supper!!!!! Im hungry and don't know what to make!

  3. Yummy! This made me think of chocolate pudding with Gramma ramma and Grandpa... Such good memories. Riding in the backseat going to The Oasis...


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