Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Ok, so I am a little late in posting this... but better late than never!

Lately, my days are filled with taking Mom to get her hair done, taking Plem to get his prescriptions refilled, hemming window treatments for Mom and Dad's house, never-ending homework, and all the other fun stuff that comes with the kids.  I just lose track of time - and things.  You should see my kitchen table:)

Back to Valentine's.  

I found this cute idea on a blog called A Small Snippet.  They turned out really cute.  When I arrived at Caleb's party, all you could hear was popping.  The boys in his class were pouring the whole pack in their mouths.  You are welcome, Ms. Collins :)

For breakfast, one of the kid's favorites.  Biscuits with butter and cinnamon sugar.  Not just biscuits, heart shaped biscuits!

Olivia is not quite awake yet.

Caleb didn't want his picture taken. 

For school lunches, heart shaped cheese and ham served with mini saltine crackers and heart shaped fruit snacks from Target.  Don't worry, I did not cut Caleb's food into heart shapes.  Wasn't sure that would fly in second grade...

Once the kids were at school/preschool, I made heart shaped cookies using a recipe from that same blog, A Small Snippet.  Simple ingredients.

I used a mini scoop to make the cookies all the same size.  Once they were baked, I cut them out with heart shaped cookie cutters.  I made cream cheese frosting.  Just call me Martha :)

And here is the result!  Super cute!  Problem is, the kids were so full of treats from school that they weren't really interested in these.  But that is ok, they turned out cute.  And I made them all by myself.  Chad didn't believe that I made them.  Not sure if I should be offended or proud...

Then it was off to Ella's party at preschool:

Ella and I left her party and headed over to school to Olivia's party:

We left Olivia's party to head to Caleb's party:

 Time for dinner!  Heart shaped pizzas.

I was so tired from party hopping, that I made the kids make their own pizzas.  Just kidding.  They love to do this and are so careful.  I should do this more often!

Our dinner was not heart shaped, but was so good!  It is hands down my favorite meal.  Steak and king crab, dripping in butter.  The only thing that would make it better would be sharing it with Donnie:)  Olivia is checking out the crab legs...

The kids loved their pizzas and strawberries cut into - heart shapes!  After they finished eating their pizzas, I made them clean up the kitchen.  Kidding.  I cleaned up.

I think the kids had a Happy Valentine's day - and I hope you did too!


  1. What a fun day you created for the kids!! Memories they will cherish forever--unless one of your's turns out like Uncle Christopher--he does not remember a special cake made, or special meal made (or any meal for that matter) while he was growing up. And back then I did do special things for the kids--and I did cook every day!! But what a nice day and special memory you made for our Grandchildren. And the Red Velvet Heart cookies were delicious! Great job Aubrey!!! And for the record--Adrienne doesn't have a blog, but you would all be impressed with what she creates with her children. The girls must take after their mother--or more like their Gramma...

  2. What a great Mom you are Aubrey! Gramma Ramma would be proud!


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