Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today, Olivia officially started gymnastics.  She is super excited!  And she looks so cute in her leotard :)

She also lost another tooth (in addition to her two front teeth) this morning while eating pancakes.  We shall call her toothless :)

I will take some pictures at gymnastics soon.  I can't be the new AND crazy mom that is taking pictures just yet.  Give me time and then I will snap away!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Olivia--you look so cute in your new leotard!! And cuter yet with another tooth gone!! :-) Can't wait to get to see you in your new Gymnastics class--I know what a good tumbler you are around the house. And Aubrey, I don't think you would be crazy looking at all snapping away with pictures--hope to see some next week...Have lots of fun Olivia!!

  2. Look how cute Olivia is! And I love her missing teeth! I can't wait to see pictures from gymnastics.


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