Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Yesterday was Caleb's 9th birthday!  I cannot believe he is 9!  My little boy is not so little anymore:(  I think the best gift Caleb got for his birthday was the fact that it was the first day of summer - no school, no homework!

Caleb celebrated his birthday at school with Round Rock Donuts - a staple in the breakfast diet of anyone who lives or visits Texas.  Chad was a WatchDOG at school that day, and in between spending time in Caleb and Olivia's classrooms, he helped MANY teachers take down bulletin boards, moved a computer lab, spray painted stools for the art teacher, and more.

On Caleb's actual birthday, he asked for Einstein Bagels.   He LOVES the cinnamon sugar bagels!

After breakfast, we picked up Caleb's buddy, Buster, and headed to Dave and Busters to eat and get our game on!

The food was so good!  Because it was his birthday, they gave Caleb $5 extra on his game card.  Thanks, Dave and Buster!

What a lovely family!

Before we played games, Chad set down some rules.  Wonder what they were?  Wait, it is probably better I don't know.

The very first game Caleb played he won 500 tickets!

Gramma and the girls became ninjas and sliced fruit like nobody's business...

Caleb and Buster shot some things...

Papa was kind enough to organize everyone's tickets. 

Gramma got her game on playing Olivia's favorite coin game.

Caleb played some more games...

Papa thought it was his turn to get his game on. 

So did Ella!

Papa soon figured out that if he watched the board and Gramma hit the button, they were sure to win the 500 ticket jackpot.  And...

 ... they did!

Olivia rocked the coin game and won lots of tickets!

Caleb won a basketball for him and then one for Buster!  Caleb also "bought" two decks of cards, candy and a pair of sunglasses.  Papa gave Caleb one of his cribbage boards and Caleb has decided he is going to collect decks of cards.  Should I be worried?

Olivia bought Scooby Doo with her tickets :)  Ella chose lipgloss, 2 monkeys and candy.

We headed back home to watch Caleb open his presents.

Here are the army cupcakes I made.  Mom had the idea of camouflage frosting.  I envisioned perfect dollops of swirled greens and brown - which is harder than you think.  So we swirled.  I guess I need to work on my frosting skills.   They still looked cute and tasted great!

Ok, back to presents.  Money from Gramma and Papa. Just what he asked for!

Thoughtful cards and money from Grandpa Plem and Great Grandpa Plemon.  What until you see what Caleb bought with this money.  He was so proud to use his own money and even more excited when the cashier handed him cash back!!

We bought him 2 catapults.  Chad found these kits which will be perfect for building and then destroying lincoln log battles!

We also bought him these cool remote control bugs!

Grandma Sue bought him a set a Legos.  Great choice!

More Legos from us... army guys!

Caleb and Buster started building the army men right away.

But were soon distracted by Papa.

And his finger trick... which lead to a discussion about dear old Uncle Bob.  When Uncle Bob was here to help Mom and Dad move, he told the kids a man stole his finger.  Caleb said that is not possible.  Olivia still wants to know what the man did with Uncle Bob's finger :)

We quickly lit the 9 candles on Caleb's cupcake, sang Happy Birthday and hoped Caleb's wish would come true.  Whatever his wish may be!

Then Papa tried to steal Ella's cupcake :)

It was a great day!  I think Caleb had fun and that is all that matters!

We love you, Caleb!  You are an asume (awesome) little boy!  You are so smart and creative!!


  1. Caleb sure had a great 9th Birthday!! The kids loved having doughnuts at school and sang Happy Birthday so cute with a little extra to it. A great way to end the school year. We had so much fun at Dave and Buster's--playing those games is addictive. The kids had a ball there. Of course I think the presents are the the Birthday Boy's favorite part of the whole day! Thanks Caleb for sharing your special day with us--we had as much fun as you!!

  2. Caleb is sooooooo cute! It looks like he had a great birthday with lots of treats and presents. And look at all those tickets they won! You make birthdays so special for your kids, you are a great Mom!


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