Friday, June 1, 2012

Billy bookshelves are finished!

It is June!  How did that happen?  Looking back at May, I did not do as well as I hoped keeping up with blog posts.  For shame.  For shame.  I will try harder this month!

Let's move on to Billy!  Here he is. This is by far the biggest project we have done - with the biggest impact.  Chad did an amazing job.  I will post tomorrow the steps he took to create this.

For now, take a look.  Pay no attention to that light fixture.  It will be replaced.  It is from Mom and Dad's house.  Mom never liked it.  Can't say I do either.  We swapped our dining room light fixture (for hers) for free babysitting.  Which is priceless.

The yellow bead board photographs really - yellow.  It is called Mustard Glaze and is actually pretty.  I wanted bold and funky and that is what we got :)

I never planned on adding doors.  We saw them at IKEA and Chad thought it would be a good place to store board games.  I was hesitant, but it makes sense.  And wait until you see how many games and puzzles we can store!  Glad I thought of it ;)

We also need to patch the red walls but cannot seem to find the red paint... 

Then, I need to decorate the shelves - without spending a lot of money.

And, order a light fixture.

And, find a table and chairs.

Easy peasy!


  1. The Bookcases look fantastic! Lots of work and time--but well worth it. Now you can shop your Bonus Room and get to gettin' on the decorating. Can't wait to see finished--and with table and chairs. (And new light--that one is sooooo ugly---thanks for the swap)

  2. You know you suck don't you?

    No seriously, this is so nice. You have are really good at decorating. You have good taste. And it's a good thing that Chad is so handy around the house. Great job!

  3. Can you come over and fix my house?


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