Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Last week Ella graduated from preschool! 

Ella is in the middle of the picture... do you see her being shy and smiling?

After singing three adorable songs, Ella received her diploma from her teacher, Ms. Nicki.  Ms. Cindy, the director, called all the children's names.  She announced that Ella was the third Plemon to graduate from the preschool.  I think they are going to miss us - even though they look awful happy...


Kisses for Papa...

Kisses for Gramma...

Celebrate with some chocolate cake!

Papa and Gramma thought it would be nice to take Ella to lunch.  Not such a good idea.  Ella was really grumpy.  We thought maybe she was tired from such a big morning.  Turns out she got a bad stomach bug later that night.  No fun!  Olivia and I also got sick :(  Hard to believe that Gramma and Papa didn't get sick - they kissed Ella at her graduation.  Lucky ducks.


Preschool is officially over and Ella will be headed to Kindergarten in the Fall. 

I hope they are ready for her :)

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  1. Ella is absolutely adorable! I love the little caps and gowns, they are just way too cute! Congratulations Ella!


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