Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fences and gates and landscaping... oh my!

It has been awhile since I posted an update on Mom and Dad's house.  So here you go!

There have been a lot of changes at Mom and Dad's house.  The fence along their backyard was replaced by a stone/brick wall.  It looks so much better than the ratty old wood one.   

Mom and Dad also got together with their neighbors and had the fence that is in between each yard replaced.  Such a nice update to all the hard work they have put into sprucing up their flower beds...

Here is a picture I took from the street.  A bit stalker-ish, but I don't mind.

And now I am safely back in Mom and Dad's yard.  The back fence is gone.  This will be done along the entire street in the neighborhood.  What a nice change!

A bobcat dug a trench for the new fence.

Then a chain link fence went in temporarily.  Jack was questioning the worker on the length of this project.  He told her 3 weeks. 

Jack inspecting the new stone fence going in.

Here is a picture of the old fence along the sides.

Another view of old fence.  Notice the Dad's lawn is mowed perfectly.  Moving to Texas hasn't changed that.  Sometimes he even helps me mow my yard :)  Then he makes me pay him cash.

Here is the new fence going in. 

Part of the old fence.  Mom and I wanted Dad to save some of this wood for projects.  Did you Dad?

 And drumroll, please...

The new fence and gate!

A close-up of the gate.

Other side of their house.  Lawn still perfectly mowed. 

Birds built a nest right inside their entry way.   You have to duck and run to enter or leave their house in fear they may attack you.  Ok, so they won't attack.  But, if the Mom bird gets scared or Ella yells too loud at the nest after you tell her to be quiet, she bolts out of her nest.  So, we tiptoe as much as we can.  This is as close as I could get without scaring her.

Now, for the finished backyard.  New wood fence, new stone fence.

Can you see what is hiding in the tree?  Dad's favorite!

Dad added landscape timbers along the back fence.

Jack eats her breakfast each morning on the patio.  This is her view.  (Actually, her view would be lower.)  Not bad!

And Mom's favorite.  Her goat cart.

Not too shabby Mom and Dad!  Your yard looks great!! 


  1. Thanks Aubrey--pics look great. We have a couple more things to do in the back yard--then you can take more pics! So nice all that work is done--it looks great...

  2. It looks so nice! See this is what I want my yard to look like. But it never will because I have no money to buy the stuff and I am too weak to do the work. So my house looks like struellyville. I am depressed. I am going to bed now.

    I miss my Jackers!

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