Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Trick or treating

Trick or treating was a success! 

The kids couldn't get their costumes on soon enough!  They inhaled a piece of pizza and were ready to go:)  It was kind of crazy this year...  In addition to my 3 kids, we trick or treated with neighbors and friends.  At one point there were 8 kids to keep track of as they ran from house to house!

We survived and the kids walked away with a crazy amount of candy!  That is what it is all about!!

Caleb was a ninja - quiet, slick and fast as can be!

Olivia was a vampire bride - with pointy vampire teeth, black nails (and lips) and the cutest wig ever!

Ella was also a vampire bride - with dark black nails (and lips!), sharp vampire teeth and dead flowers!

Here is part of the crew... I soon gave up taking pictures as I wasn't able to keep up with all of them!


  1. Remember how much fun Halloween was? Very cute costumes! And look how good they were at acting the part of their costumes. I was hoping the adults were going to dress up again this year too. I'm glad everyone had fun!

  2. At the last minute we decided not to dress up--and of course the minute the night started we wished we had!! But the kids had so much fun and were soooo well behaved. They all ran around not knowing which house to go to first, having a ball. Friends and neighbors joined in and it was like a traveling party...


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