Friday, November 2, 2012

Give me s'more!

What am I doing today? 

I am so glad that you asked!

I am assembling the parts for approximately 900 s'mores for our school carnival tonight... sounds fun, right?  Carefully placing 1 graham cracker, 1 marshmallow and 1 small chocolate bar into a ziploc bag... 900 times.

I could not do this all by myself.  So, I talked Mom and Dad into helping me.  I am pretty sure they are super excited:)

And, I am pretty sure that after this morning, we won't want to eat a s'more ever again!

So, what are you doing today?


  1. Lots of packing of the s'mores for the carnival-but it went pretty quickly and we had fun talking while we worked away. Poor little Ella had the stomach flu the day before so she was home from school and had to miss the carnival also. It "was the worst day of her life" as she let me know while everyone else was up at the school for a fun evening. We colored pictures on Mom's Ipad and watched Disney Channel. She was so good all day and all night. And of course Caleb and Olivia brought her home some surprises so that made her a happy girl...

  2. That's a lot of s'mores! How did they melt the marshmallows? Poor Ella.....having the stomach flu does seem like the worst day of your life while you have it.


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