Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Kids Chore Chart

If you build a chore chart, they will pick up.

For a long time, I tried to do it all.  I kept the house picked up, laundry caught up, toys were under control.  And then I started to notice how other members of my family were not picking up - or doing anything.  So I stopped in a sort of protest, I guess.  I thought I would show them.  That didn't work though.  No one seemed to notice and the house just got worse.  And worse.  And I got angrier.

Now, I am getting even.

Remember the list of projects I need to complete - this one?
#18 Make chore charts for kids.  And then make them do chores.  Chad too.

We have tried chore charts before, but I never really liked them so I didn't follow through.  Then, one day I found this one and it made perfect sense.  The chores were on cards (easy for the kids to see) and when the chores were done, the cards could be turned over.  I am a visual learner, so I knew this would work.

They are fairly easy to make.  Time consuming, but easy.  I had some of the materials at home (scrapbook paper, laminator) and only had to buy the frames (which I bought at the Dollar Tree) and some command hooks.

I cut my paper into 3 X 3 squares.

I placed colored printer paper in the cheap frames.  The colors are blue for Caleb, pink for Olivia and purple for Ella... the color of their walls and how we usually label things for them :)

I printed out the chores I wanted them to work on.  Some are basic like homework, others are what I need extra help with like wiping baseboards, dusting and laundry.

After gluing the chores on each card, I laminated and hole punched each card.  I attached the command hooks to the outside of the frames and asked Chad to hang them on the wall.

We hung the chore charts where they can be easily seen - and reached - in between the powder room and dining room (where we now do homework).

Once the chore is completed, the card is easily removed.

And is flipped over.

Amazing idea, right?!  Now, I just need to do my part and hold the kids accountable for their chores.  Next, I will post on how we are rewarding the kids.

Frankly, I am pretty excited about having some help around this house!  AND, I can cross one thing off of my list!!


  1. Great Idea-and right where the kids and you can see it. One question-where is Chad's chore chart? :-)

  2. That is a such great idea. But my question also is, Where is Chad's :~)

  3. Let's be honest... He wouldn't follow it:(.


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