Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raise the roof and fix the fence

Sounds like the lyrics to a really bad country song, doesn't it?  Last week, we had a terrible wind storm blow through Texas.  Sections of our fence were blown over, two dogs that don't belong to us ended up in our now exposed back yard AND while we were working on homework black rectangles were flying through the air to the ground.  Those would be shingles.  From our roof!

At first they kids thought this was pretty cool, then panic set it when they thought our house was going to blow away!  Dad came over the night of the wind storm and helped Chad prop the fences back up until they could repair them.

To make matters even worse, Chad's truck was broken into (window smashed) last week and his work bag was stolen.  His laptop and badges gone.

This weekend Chad and Dad not only scaled our roof, but they repaired and replaced the broken fence.  Such a relief to have that done for a fraction of the cost we were dreading.  Thanks for helping Dad!

You can see how they propped the fence up so it wouldn't fall over again.  Our neighbor should really stain their fence...

Molly had fun watching them work outside.

What did we learn from this crappy week?  If you can climb to the very top of our roof with a hammer and nails, putting up Christmas lights IS possible!


  1. Hey Aubs, my fence is the same color as your neighbors. I never painted or stained it. I guess I wanted that weathered look. Also, I am too lazy to go to that much work :)
    I'm glad that you didn't have any more damage from the storm then you did. I bet it was scary for the kids. It's also a good thing you have your talented husband and dad around to fix things.

  2. Hello, Aubrey! Putting up Christmas lights is definitely possible. That's obviously an easier task than working on top of the roof! Well, it will be different if your plan is to set up some lights on the roof surface as well. Hehe! Anyhow, I say that your husband and your dad was a great team up. Despite of problems, they were able to handle this roofing project well. Kudos to both of them.

    Nelson Mcglaughlin @ Royal Roofing & Siding

  3. The baseboard heater in the future Radio Room doesn't work, so it looks like I'll be learning more about baseboard heaters, and how white vinyl fence


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