Monday, March 4, 2013

Cleaning calendar

I am not doing very well at decluttering and cleaning the house.  I walk into a room, feel overwhelmed and walk out.

That doesn't help.

So, today I made a cleaning schedule.  A calendar that I am going to attempt to follow.  Each day I can glance at this calendar and take care of those "assigned" tasks.  I made this a generic calendar.  My plan is to print it for each month and then pencil in the dates.  Even if I only complete part of that days tasks, it is better than nothing.

I also have something planned for the kiddos that should help!  As soon as I am done hole punching I will take some pictures.  And, I am thinking I should make one for Chad too... seriously.

Have a great day and wish me luck in getting my house in order!


  1. You will be very busy by this calendar--when are we going to go to lunch at the new Mexican Restaurant?

  2. If that was my calendar I would rip it up and throw it away. You have way too much to do!
    What new restaurant? I want to know all about it!

  3. A Mexican restaurant! It is ALWAYS packed! We finally went and it was pretty good. We will take you when you come to Texas!


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