Monday, June 17, 2013

Caleb turns 10!

Can you believe this little boy is now 10?!

Please excuse me while I wipe my tears...

Caleb is an awesome boy - so smart, creative and funny!  He has worked SO hard this year in school and has earned all A's (with the exception of one little B during the 3rd nine weeks which is the hardest of the school year according to his teacher.  Since then, that grade is back up to an A!).  His teacher says he is the first one in class to raise his hand to solve a difficult math problem.  And computers - a true genius!  We just received an email from his teacher that Caleb was one of ten students in his class to receive an advanced score on this STAAR test!  

He still loves Legos and can put any set together faster than I can flip through the instruction manual.  He also loves Star Wars, Halo, and Minecraft.  He is always creating and playing with his toys and I hope that doesn't end anytime soon.

The other day he asked me what it meant to do something for a living... I explained that it meant working, earning money to pay bills.  He told me he is not doing anything for a living, that dad will pay his bills and he will live with us forever.  I will take that answer - for now.  We will see when he is a smelly, grumpy teenager and we are ready to kick him out!

Here are some pictures from his big day...

He hid in the closet while I set his gifts out.  Normally, I do this the night before while they are sleeping, but we had a slumber party on the living room floor and I was not able to step over all of them.  Caleb didn't seem to mind and thought it was fun to hide.  He even received a birthday phone call from Papa and Uncle Christopher while hiding.

Caleb closed his eyes while opening every present, making the surprise even that much better :)

I took Caleb to see Iron Man 3.  I don't often get to spend time with just Caleb and we had so much fun.  We need to do this more often!!

After the movie, we headed over to Gramma's house (where the girls were) and ate cupcakes.

Caleb opened up his gift from Gramma and Papa - brand new dollar bills!  He was so excited he did a little dance.

We then headed to the restaurant of his choice - Outback Steakhouse.  Caleb LOVES outback... not for the  steak, but for the brown bread.  This boy could eat 10 loaves if you let him.  We always make sure to ask for bread to take home and the kids will devour it for breakfast the next morning.  

Caleb ate his bread and the servers surprised him by singing and clapping.  He thought he was pretty cool.

We saved one gift as a final birthday surprise - an electric scooter!

He zooms through the cul-de-sac like crazy.  Since then we magically have two more in our garage.  Blame Chad and Craigslist.

Caleb wanted all blue for his birthday.  Ericka was in Texas and helped me choose his plates, cupcake liners, candles, sprinkles - all blue.  We even ordered blue frosting on the cupcakes he would take to school.

Look at that!  Every student had blue teeth when they headed home.  Even Caleb's teacher ate one before she realized it was conference night at school and she would soon be talking with all the families and students!  Luckily she is nice and laughed about it!

So far 10 is a pretty good age.  I can't change him back so I might as well get used to the fact that my kids are growing up.

Excuse me while I wipe my tears... again.


  1. Caleb was and still is one of the cutest boys I have ever seen! It looks like he had such a fun birthday. I am so glad I got to help pick out things for his party. I wish I could have been there in person. He is a fun, cute, smart, polite little boy. You should be so proud!
    Love the blue tongue!

  2. I cried too--looking at him so grown up with "product" in his hair so it looks Awesome!! Ten years has passed way way way too quickly!! Caleb had a great Birthday--Daddy and Papa missed the day as they were with Uncle Christopher helping him with projects in his house in Arizona--but you made up for it by creating a wonderful day and night for him! He enjoyed himself and loved all his gifts, and the brown bread at Outback. He was so understanding of Daddy and Papa helping Uncle even if they had to miss the big day. He is a good boy-funny and fun loving, very polite,for the most part really good to his two sisters, smart and melts our hearts...LYL Caleb


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