Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Logan turns 1!

Another birthday was recently celebrated in our house...

Logan, Olivia's guinea pig, turned one!  A birthday celebration would not be complete without presents.  Olivia made the cute sign.  I secretly shopped for his presents, knowing this would make Olivia so happy.  Since she is Logan's mom, she got to open the presents.

I think the kids were more excited than Logan to see his presents...

Olivia has been begging for this vest for Logan.  She is convinced that if we put it on him, he can go for walks.  We tried to put it on him, but he is too fat :-)  Olivia was sad at first, but soon realized the vest would fit her stuffed animals.  I guess we will have to think of another way to take Logan out for walks...

He has the cutest little mouth with the sharpest little teeth!  He doesn't bite us as much as he used to, but he will still chomp if you are not paying attention.

 It is hard to believe that this little guy has been living at our house for one year.  Olivia adores him!

Molly adores him too!  She eagerly awaits while we get Logan's snack ready every single day - his favorites are apple slices and carrots - knowing she is about to get her daily carrot (or apple) as well.  Then she rushes up the stairs to Logan's cage to say Hi!

Happy 1st birthday Logan!

There is one more birthday to come... can you guess who?  Hint:  She sheds.


  1. Happy Birthday Logan!! He is one lucky Guinea Pig to live in this home--Olivia is such a wonderful caregiver--she is so sweet with him. He is a really cute little guy--except when he gives those "Love Bites"...

  2. I love Logan! He is such a cutie! And so lucky to have such a good home and a wonderful mom that adores him. I think he must have had a very happy birthday indeed!

  3. your pictures are beautiful. what kind of camera do you use?


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