Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mom and Dad's house - decorated!

I finally snuck over to Mom and Dad's to take some updated pictures of their house. 
Take a look!

Master bedroom:

This buffet was our housewarming gift to Mom and Dad.  We bought it on Craigslist and it was in rough shape.  Chad fixed the drawer and doors so they worked smoothly, he added the molding to the front to give it a little extra character... although this buffet doesn't need much.  Can you see the mirror on the back? 

While we were sanding and painting this buffet, Mom kept talking about a buffet and how it would look nice in their entry way.  When they moved in and I was helping Mom unpack, she asked me if I wanted a turkey and buffet sandwich... for reals.

Instead of selling it on Craigslist, we decided it should live at Mom and Dad's house.  It fits perfect in their entry way and I am glad we get to see it every time we visit because it is one of the nicer pieces we have redone.

The sitting room/tv room:

Mom bought this painting at Hobby Lobby and it was stark white with the black tree and teal bird.  It was a little too white, so Mom watered down paint and it turned out like this!  Much softer and looks like it was made for this room.

Hallway leading to guest bathroom, Dad's office and the guest room/craft room:

Guest bathroom: 

A sneak peek at Dad's office:  We finally convinced stubborn Dad to upgrade his roll top desk with a real desk with storage.  Mom and I are going to help him rearrange all of his things and I will update with a picture.

Caleb loves to go in Dad's office with him because it is full of treasures - toothpick holders, note pads, decks of cards, coin collections... Caleb loves to explore!

The guest room/craft room:

Mom found this headboard on Craigslist.  She painted it ORB (oil rubbed bronze) and now it pops against the wall.  The gray walls with black, white and yellow accents are so pretty!

Storage for all her crafting supplies:

Her new desk and floating shelves.

A little looksy in her closet AFTER we pared down her stamps.  I think we need to go through them again.

The living room:


Mom and I saw this plant cart (is that what you call it?) at the antique mall.  It is perfect for their kitchen window area.

I love these pictures!

More kitchen:

More living room pictures:

And back to the entry way.  Hi Jack!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 


  1. Thank you Aubrey!! Our house looks great in your photos--if I do say so myself--and I do!! Still need to tweak here and there--and change out some old fixtures with new--someday...But all in all it is a cute little home for us and we are enjoying it more and more...

  2. Don't take this the wrong way guys all suck.

  3. Thank you Aubrey for the tour. It's so beautiful. Makes me feel alittle bit like I'm there. Enjoyed seeing things from the Edgerton home.

  4. No worries. Since taking the pictures the kids have been having a great time "re-decorating" the place. That's where we've been going to have Nerf gun wars, make snow cones, fondu, etc. Kids stopped asking when G-ma/Papa are coming back and keep asking to go back over. Oh yeah, wait till you see your garage ;)

    1. The garage was supposed to be a surprise!

  5. Oh yeah, the girls want to know how to get all those limes back in that glass jar. Even after flushing a few of them, not all of them will fit back in there. No worries plumber is supposed to come tomorrow and we have most of the water cleaned up. Just leaving the fan on and doors/windows open overnight dried most everything. BTW, all those stamps work great for dominoes and creating awesome mazes for Logan.

  6. Chad you crack me up!!! I am glad to know that if any of these things happened there is always room for us to live with you again!!!!! For many many months!! Many!! Many!! In fact--we miss you all so much we are planning on coming strait to your house to stay because we want to be close to you again. That's right!! We will be living with you. We can always come over and spend a couple hours at our house--and then back to be with you. I think this new plan will work out just fine---just fine!! Thanks for always being there for us..........


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