Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let there be (a new) light!

I have been dreaming of a new kitchen light for. ever.  When we built this house, we were able to pick the finish of the light fixtures - not the style.  The fixtures are okay overall.  But after five years, I am ready for some new.  Chad doesn't completely agree.  In the end, I won this particular battle.

Well, not really.  He made me use my own cash to buy this light fixture.  Are you reading this people?  He made me pay for it!  What a meanie:)

Because I used my own money, he was more than happy willing to take down the old light and replace it with the new, more updated one from Lowes.

Here is the old light.

Ahh, the new!

The ugly, boring BEFORE:

The updated, paid for by me AFTER:

What do you think?  Do you like my new light?  Do you think Chad was mean by making me pay for it?  You can agree with me - I won't tell him :)

Also, do you think I should make the pictures I post bigger?  Or can you see them just fine?  Do you even care?


  1. Love the New Light!!It looks wonderful! And no, Chad was not mean--I have to keep on the good side of him because I will need him to help at our home! =) As for the pictures--we say Go Big--or--Don't Go! So I vote for bigger...

  2. I thought the old light was nice, but I do like the new one. Very nice. You and your mom are both spoiled I think. Oops...I forgot you had to use your own money!
    Try bigger and see how it works. You can always go back if it doesn't.

  3. First of all...I say try for a bigger picture, if it's not too much trouble. Second of dining light is even uglier than yours. I have had it for a good 15 years I think.....I'm due for a light and a new ceiling fan...and I'll have to use my own money! Haa haaaaaa Please know I am chuckling when I write this (altho I really do profoundly hate my fixtures!)Oh and I'm missing a kitchen light globe that broke months ago. Sounds like "Strulyville" here!!!!!

  4. Love the new light. A little pazazz over the table. Goes well with the black deco above your window. Since it was your money you got to pick what you wanted. Right?
    I don't have trouble with the size of your pictures but try bigger and see how it goes. Love your blogs Aubrey. It keeps us in touch with you all. Oh gosh! "You all"--does that make me part Texan?


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