Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Antonio day trip

San Antonio is the perfect day trip.  It is not too far away, there is plenty to do and the kids are so tired they fall asleep on the way home :) 

Here is how we spent our day last week.  Get ready, there are a lot of pictures.  You were warned.

We start each visit to the River Walk the same way every time...  the Rainforest Cafe.  Ella still clings to me when the lights dim and the "storm" begins.  She used to cry, so I guess we are making progress:)

After some walking, we enjoyed some ice cream!

I had strawberry cheesecake.

The best part of being on the River Walk is people watching.  Hello, mariachi band.  We will see you later...

At the Buckhorn Museum and Saloon, the kids had their fortunes read.

 I think Olivia thought she was real.

Chad read Olivia her fortune and she asked him if it was true...  such a serious little girl.

Ella found a friend.

Caleb found a wall of guns.

Caleb shot some guns.

Then the whole family shot some guns.  Aw, family time.  With guns.

We posed in some crazy mirrors.  Check out my legs!

Silly Caleb!

The kids picked out rock candy and LOVED it!

After leaving the museum, we walked some more.  We found lots of little stores full of souvenirs - and hats!

Caleb didn't think it was funny.

Another favorite of the day - magnet rocks!

Ella set up shop with the Alamo rocks - literally.  If you look closely, you can see that she filled bags full of the pretty rocks.  She then lined up the bags and was ready to sell them!

We then walked down to the Alamo... or as Caleb called it the Elmo.

We end each visit to the River Walk the same way every time - at an Italian restaurant called Michelino's.  The food is really good, the kids love the bread and you can people watch while you eat!

The kids love playing Where's my Perry? on my ipad. 

Chad and I ordered margaritas!

The mariachi band serenaded us while we dined.  I am pretty sure it was the chicken dance song and the man with the trumpet crowed (is that what you say?) like a rooster. 

Look - Olivia's front teeth are finally coming in.  I have to admit, I am a little sad.  She was so cute without teeth:)

This is what the kids did to six loaves of bread.  They ate just the middle.

We asked Caleb to take our picture.  Not the best idea...

Olivia photobombed this picture... awesome!

We gave up on the picture, finished eating and headed back home.  All in all, a great day!


  1. Looks like a great day of family fun!! I like those magnetic rocks--they would be fun to play with-and you could create art! The kids sure love to go to San Antonio--they always tell about the day and are so excited about what they did and what they saw. They leave the best part of the bread though-the crust! By the way---love those legs and Ella's arms! :-)

  2. This looks like such a fun day! Do you ever ride down the river? That would be fun!

    1. Hi Ericka! Last time we did the boat tour. We didn't this time - too hot and the boats looked crowded :( We will when you come to see us!

  3. P.S. That margarita looks wonderful.


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