Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This guinea pig

We have had little Logan for just over 5 months now!  He is such a cutie and has grown so much.  He has easily doubled in size.

He loves to be held and is so soft.  He never once bit until Gramma held him and he tasted her sweet skin.  Now anyone is fair game to his sharp little teeth.  I have noticed (lately) that he isn't biting as much... fingers are crossed that he will grow out of this phase.

He loves to eat!  He loves his organic salad mix, carrots and bell peppers.  Apples are his favorite by far.  Every morning he gets a fresh bowl of food and a healthy treat.  At night, he gets a big bowl of yummy hay.  He is pretty much trained and starts squeaking when you are near his cage.  When you open the door with a bowl in hand, he is up on is hind legs smelling to see what you brought him.  This morning he could hear my footsteps and was squeaking as I was walking up the stairs!  Smart boy!

He is a stinker too.  He loves to tear apart his houses.  Yes, houses.  He bites them, flips them over and tears them to shreds.  He is on his 4th house.

Here is house #1.  It had colorful wood shapes on the side that were meant to be chew toys.  Logan would pull them off and throw them across the cage.  This should have been our first sign.  He soon grew out of this house.

This is house #2.  Chad refused to buy another house and found an Amazon box.  Logan quickly started chewing this box.  Not a problem.  Until he started tipping it over many times a day.  And we would run back in, flip it over, and walk away only to hear him tip it over again.

So, I decided to buy him a heavier house.  Chad said no way, grabbed the chewed up box and headed to the garage mumbling something that probably wasn't so nice.  He came in and announced that he made Logan's house tip proof.  There is NO WAY he can tip this bad boy over, claimed Chad. 

Well, he did.

So, we went out and bought house #3 called The Snack Shack.  100% edible.  Perfect.  Heavy.  Even perfecter :)

Or so we thought.  This house didn't even last 2 weeks.  The roof was full of perfectly lined up hay (in two layers) and Logan would sit and pull it out, chunk by chunk.  But never ate it.  It just made a mess in his cage.

I went back to the pet store and bought house #4.  Not the prettiest, but how pretty can you make a tree trunk?  It is heavy and was only $10. 

And... so far, so good.

How long do you think this new house will last?  How can you get mad at this little face?

He is worth it though and Olivia just adores him.  She takes him out every night and gives him a kiss and giggles because he smells like syrup.  (He really does!)  And she gets mad when Papa comes over and asks where the big, black rat is :)

Ella doesn't really hold him that much, but loves to help clean his cage and always refills his water bottle.

Even Caleb loves Logan and will often take him out of his cage to play with him and feed him a treat.  One day I even saw Logan sitting in between Olivia and Caleb as they played a video game. 

Wish I had gotten a picture of that one!

And, just for fun... a little sneaky peaky at Caleb's room!

Thanks for helping Dad!


  1. Logan really is a cutie--even if he likes to give little love bites! He is so big in such a short time. Olivia is so good taking care of him--she just loves Logan. And Caleb likes to hold him too. Ella is a good helper with cleaning and getting fresh water. And he really does smell like syrup! Must be the treats he eats. I hold him sometimes when we go over--on a cloth--just in case! It brings back memories of Aubrey as a little girl--she had many hamsters and Guinea Pigs. The kids are learning to be responsible for a pet--they would like a dog some day--but they don't know about cleaning up the yard after a dog! :-)

  2. Logan is sooooooo cute! I want one! I wonder how my cats would like a guinea? They have to keep chewing on things because their teeth keep growing and that is how they keep them healthy and don't let them get too long. So make sure he has stuff to chew...just maybe not his house! He sounds like he has a good life with the Plemons and is getting spoiled. That's what pets are for after all!


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