Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An apple cheese ball

I am the Homeroom Parent for Olivia's 2nd grade class (I am also the Co-Homeroom Parent for Caleb's 3rd grade class...) and each grade level takes a month and provides snacks for the teachers during their staff meeting after school.

We had the month of September and decided our theme would be "Fall into something sweet and salty."  Cute, right?!  We had a make your own trail mix bar, chips, dips, meatballs, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, cake balls, AND an apple shaped cheese ball made by me!

I looked on Pinterest (of course) and found a few examples. 

I followed this recipe because I have never made a cheese ball.

And it turned out like this.  Not too bad!

Once I got it safely to school, I surrounded the apple with a few different types of crackers.  We set up two tables full of snacks and treats and left as the teachers were arriving.  I heard one teacher say, "it is too cute to eat!"  And then another teacher said, "Oh, look at the pumpkin!"

Can't win them all...


  1. That is really a cute "Pumpkin" Cheese Ball--Just kidding--I know it is an apple. Hope your children don't get that teacher who thought it was a pumpkin! You do such cute things--maybe you can get some more of them on the blog. It is always fun to see what you and the kids are up to...

    1. Well, paprika is more orange than red... but close enough!

  2. That is so cute! All the snacks sounds so good!

    1. Someone made cupcakes with oreos stuck in the frosting! They looked so good!!!!!


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