Monday, October 22, 2012

Not quite ready

Caleb and Olivia love to ride their bikes.  They ride their bikes every. single. day. 

Ella can usually be found riding her scooter or driving our motorized jeep.

Chad asked her if she wanted to try and ride her bike without training wheels.  The crazy girl said, OK!

Her enthusiam soon turned to worry and frustration...  with a few tears.  We praised and encouraged her.

After the tears, she tried one more time!

And shortly after, Chad added her training wheels back on.

Soon enough, she will be ready.


  1. Your three children remind us so much of you and your brother and sister growing up. Christopher and Adrienne would rice their bikes for Hours!! Remember Jefferson Speedway? Christopher and Adrienne learned without their training wheels very young and very fast. Aubrey--it took you a little longer--you were more timid. But once you took off you joined right in with the rest of the kids on the block! I am sure little Ella will too--she just needs a little more time to feel secure.....

  2. Riding without training wheels is a big step. She has lots of time to learn and there is no hurry. One of these days she will take right off!


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