Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lincoln Logs

Caleb is obsessed with lincoln logs lately.  Instead of ordering them on Amazon or running to my beloved Target, Chad decided to MAKE THEM! 

Say what? 
You can make lincoln logs? 
Yes, you can.

Chad started with four 1x6 boards that were 8 feet long.  Using the Shopsmith that Dad moved from Wisconsin (so glad it was moved to our garage.  Thanks, Dad!), they cut and sanded and routed (is that a word?) and viola - we now have MANY lincoln logs and Caleb is a happy boy.

Take a look:

See that pretty window frame?  It is now in Mom and Dad's new house.  Only it looks much better now!  Don't worry, I will show you soon :)

 One happy boy!

Can you see that clean gameroom?  Nice job kids...  The Christmas tree has since been put away.  In February.

Day 2 of lincoln logging:

Hard to believe that this:

Turned into this:

Good job Chad!  And thanks for helping Dad!!!


  1. What a great and talented dad Chad is! I bet Caleb is a happy boy!

  2. That is soooo cool!! What a wonderful dad to actually make those (with the help of grampa ). These are memory-makers :)

  3. Chad did a fantastic job making the Lincoln Logs--with just a little help from Papa. I played with them too and they are pretty darn cool I must say. More fun when they are made especially for you by your daddy--Caleb is a lucky boy. Now Daddy--what are Olivia and Ella getting made for them?? No pressure..........


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