Friday, February 1, 2013

Furniture finds - ugly desk and dresser

Quick update:  I have gone through my closet and the girls closets and purged clothes!  I also asked Chad to go through his closet.  He walked in and within two seconds claimed he didn't see anything he could get rid of.  He is so helpful...  I am getting rid of things but not nearly as much as I want to and I am not sure how to fix that.  Actually, I do know.  Get rid of it!  Maybe I need to go back through them again?

Back to the furniture...

I am always searching Craigslist for furniture to paint and sell.  Or paint and keep:)  I came across this set.  It was listed for $150.  The set is made out of cherry and is solid.  I emailed and offered $100.  She came back with a big fat no and said $130.  I told her no thank you.  See how tough I am?!  She came back that night with $100.  Sup now?!

Olivia is really wanting a desk in her room, so I may repaint it for her room.  (Dresser will be painted and sold).  Or, I may sell it to pay for tickets to go see New Kids on the Block!

What do you think - keep the desk for Olivia or go see my Donnie in concert?


  1. Of course our little Olivia needs a desk in her room!! Sowwy--she's more important then Donnie! Maybe you can find more treasures to paint and sell for tickets. What color for the desk--Shabbied up white??

  2. I guess Olivia wins out! But get busy finding more stuff to sell so you can go see Donnie!!!

  3. Go see Donnie! You can always find another desk!


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