Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Since it is Valentine's Day I thought I would show you what we have been working on for Valentine's Day.  A better plan would be to talk about it before the actual day, but this week has been busy and that is my excuse.  Better late than never, right?

Olivia is loving pencils right now!  Pencils are to second graders what Target is to me:)  So, the obvious choice for her valentines were pencils.  I came across this maze through Pinterest!  I printed the cards on cardstock and rounded the corners with a punch.  Pencils are from the dollar bin at Target.

Olivia has a little crush on the boy :)

Caleb wanted Star Wars.  Once again I turned to Pinterest and found these.  What did we do without Pinterest?

I also printed his cards on cardstock which I already had.  The light sabers are glow in the dark bracelets from the dollar bin at Target.

Ella wanted crayons for her class!  We have tons of "old" crayons that we could reuse and I found the heart shaped mold at Target.  Melting and recycling crayons is all over the Internet.  I found this and it seemed like the perfect card.  Done.  Now, all I had to do was unwrap the crayons (not an easy task), break the crayons, fill the mold, time them so they melt perfectly, let them cool, remove them from mold - and
repeat all over again.

This is a pain in the rear, but the final crayons are so pretty.  And the girls were excited to help!  So, I guess it was worth it.  Those little stinkers better be coloring away right now.

For teachers we made these little treats.

We added them to little heart containers.  I will not tell you where I bought them.  You can probably guess...
I punched a little tag for their name and had the sign them.  I took these pictures late last night so the quality is not very good.

I placed the treats in a little bag to keep them nice and fresh.  Overall an easy project.  I had to make two batches because I over melted the first set of Hugs.

I bought these heart shaped baskets a couple years ago and never used them.  I filled them with a few simple treats for the kids.

These cute placemats are from the dollar bin at Target.  The kids can write on them and color away!

I set their little surprises up while they were at school.  Mornings are too busy and after school seemed like the perfect time.  The kids were excited to see their baskets and Olivia asked me to do this for every holiday :)

And I could not forget Molly.  I found this pink container and thought it was perfect for today.

All three kids had parties at school today.  Since I am the Homeroom Mom for Olivia's class I was not able to attend Ella's party.  Thanks to Gramma and Papa for going!  We then headed to Caleb's party where Papa got suckered in being the BINGO caller.  Papa is always willing to help!

We are off to swim lessons tonight.  Quite a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day, no?  Actually, I cannot wait to tell you what I got for Valentine's Day... as soon as I figure how to get pictures off my phone I will show you.  
One hint... it was so fun.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Everything you did was so fun and perfect! What a great mom you are! The crayon hearts are such a great idea for the kids and I bet they loved them. I love how you are doing so many fun and cute things to make such wonderful memories for your kids. I can't wait to see what got for Valentine's Day!

  2. OK--just so everyone knows--Papa isn't the only one who is willing to help--Gramma helped at the bookmark center punching hearts, tying ribbon and writing the students names on their project. Just sayin'....


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