Monday, April 1, 2013

Olivia turns 8!

How did this happen?  How did my little girl turn 8 so quickly?!

Olivia is such a sweet little girl with the kindest heart.  She is a smart little girl who thinks about everything before she does anything.  Translation:  She is a sensitive girl who worries about everything.  I am afraid she inherited this from me and it is (and always has been) my goal to teach her to be strong and confident - and that there is enough time in life to worry, later.

A few fun facts about Olivia:
*She ADORES her pet guinea pig, Logan, and every time she feeds him/pets him she walks away and whispers I love you to him:)
*She loves to play with Squinkies, Zinkies, BIGinkies.
*She loves her little sister one minute then will battle her to the end over a Barbie (when did this phase start? And when will it end?)
*She loves to watch Arthur on PBS after school while drinking her milk and or (yogurt) and eating Oreos.
*She struggles in Math with telling time and money... exactly what I struggled with in Second Grade.  I have clear memories of sitting in class and it just not making any sense to me.  To this day, when someone asks me what time it is, I panic.
*She loves to write in journals and notebooks.
*She has a "crush" on a little boy in her class.  He has curly blonde hair and sits by her at lunch.  He will help her open her lunch if she needs help.  Too cute!
*She loves gymnastics - still.
*She is a sweet little girl who I love and adore!

We had a great day with Olivia!  I was worried how we would combine Olivia's birthday with Easter, but I think we managed quite successfully!  Thanks to Mom for preparing Easter dinner - I think that would have pushed me over the edge.  Luckily, I only had to bring cupcakes!

Here are some pictures to remind us of how we celebrated Olivia and her special day...

I brought cupcakes up to school to share with her friends.

We took the kids to see The Croods on Saturday knowing that her birthday would be busy with Easter traditions too.  Some of these pictures were taken on my phone so they are a bit blurry.

We went to dinner on Saturday night.  Olivia chose PF Changs because she LOVES the rice.

Our server brought her out a chocolate cake with a candle.  The girls ate every last crumb!

The kids think the huge horse statues are the best.

They also think it is pretty funny that when you sit inside the restaurant you can see the horse's behind :)  You can kind of tell from this picture.

Olivia's birthday began with an egg hunt in the house.  The girls woke up first and quietly counted eggs in hopes they would remember where they were all hidden.  Caleb was a champ and found all three Easter baskets!  The girls were so excited, they didn't mind and were happy for his help.

This is how Caleb took inventory of his eggs.  He lined them up and used multiplication to count them.

Here is Ella's pile.  See her fluffy?!

Molly was in the middle of the chaos, not quite sure what was going on.

The girls blew their new colored bubbles.  Super cute - super messy!  The bubbles dripped everywhere!

Eight presents were wrapped in pink paper.  We picked out pink flowers.  I made a pink birthday banner.  Can you guess Olivia's favorite color?

Olivia opened a couple presents before we headed over to Gramma and Papa's house.

Molly quietly ripped apart one of the girls stuffed animals.  It was full of little beads that were all over the floor!  Sneaky puppy!

I made cupcakes with pink frosting.

We headed over to Gramma and Papa's house and Olivia opened her presents - a birthday Barbie in a beautiful pink dress!  And a jewelry box.

We ate a yummy ham dinner and celebrated with cupcakes!

We then went back home and Olivia opened the rest of her presents.  She received an Angry birds Barbie and tent, fuzzy Squinkies, a Zinkie house, a big clock, a dog and cat that she can paint, and roller blades!

She put on her blades and headed outside!

To end our fun day, the kids colored Easter eggs.

What a great day!  Happy 8th Birthday Olivia!!!


  1. It was a wonderful Eighth Birthday day for Olivia!! I think she was truly happy about how the day went-Great job Aubrey.You always make the kids feel so special on their Birthday--memories they will always cherish. We feel so blessed to be able to share these special times with our Grandchildren here--and we have been able to be with Tommy and Riley for some of their Birthdays, and that is such a joy--our goal is to do that even more! Happy Happy Birthday to our Olivia!!!

  2. It looks like Olivia had a very special and fun birthday!


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