Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Revamped playscape - adding monkey bars

The playscape addition is done!

Chad and Dad worked all weekend to finish it and it looks great!  Once the new treated boards have time to set, we will restain the entire playscape.  But, for now, it is ready for the kids to play on.

Here is a look at the before, sad playscape area.

Once the mulch was delivered, Dad worked all morning moving the mulch into the playscape area being careful not to block where the new monkey bars would go.

Like so...

As soon as the kids came home from school, they climbed the (remaining) mulch mountain.

Once Chad got home from work, he finished moving the mulch with the help of our new neighbor.  Less talky, more worky boys!

Chad measured and attached the monkey bars.

Dad trimmed the vines that were slowly taking over our fence and tree.

Molly stayed near Dad and happily chewed any vine or stick he tossed to the ground.

Next, they cemented four posts into the ground.

And then added the already assembled bars and attached them to the posts.  They added handles and steps for climbing.

Finally, Dad evened out the mulch and we were done!

Here is the final result!

The kids were so excited to test the monkey bars out!  It was torture for them to wait while the cement set.

They have even shared snacks while sitting on the top.  This particular snack was iced animal cookies and slim jims - which they proudly picked out all by themselves!


And the AFTER:

Thanks Dad for all your hard work!  Thanks Chad for making this fun change to the playscape!


  1. Chad and Dad sure worked hard on the playscape area and it certainly was worth it. So nice for the kids to have this play area--it keeps them occupied and safe and all the neighbor kids love it too!!

    Now--time for Dad and Chad to get busy at our house on the bead board I would like added..... :-)

  2. Looks great! I bet the kids love it!


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