Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oops, Olivia did it again!

Remember this?  When Olivia "helped" Ella lose her first tooth?

Well, Olivia has struck again!  This time involved a hula hoop, not a stuffed animal.  My kids were playing outside with the neighbors kids when all of a sudden I saw blood in Ella's mouth.  Olivia accidentally hula-ed a little too much and collided with Ella.

This is the result:

Ella is one tough little girl.  She was SO excited to wake up to find the Tooth Fairy left her $6!  She said, "She must REALLY like me because she left me so much money!  Six dollars and I am six!"


  1. She is so cute "toothless!" And rich too for six years old. These two crazy little girls best be more careful--or next will be a broken bone!

  2. Aren't kids cute without teeth! It doesn't look like Ella is too upset about losing her tooth. But I would be pretty happy too if the tooth fairy left me six dollars!!!

    1. I think it was harder on me to see BOTH front teeth gone so fast! The Tooth Fairy must have thought that $3 per tooth was a good price :)


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