Friday, February 7, 2014

Funny friday #4

I couldn't decide if today's post should be called ANOTHER snow day or Funny friday.  So, let's go with both!

Today is a crazy combination of both... it is our 3rd snow day, but there is NO snow.  There IS a winter advisory due to the cold weather and possible precipitation.  If you remember (or really read this amazing blog of mine), you will recall that last week we got all the way to school when our district decided to delay (then cancel) school approximately 2 minutes before it was to begin...  Now, it seems they are trying to make up for that mistake.  The kids are excited to stay home and play. They don't seem to understand that they now have 3 days to make up.  And I don't have the heart to crush their current excitement.  Later today I may feel different... (maniacal laugh)

Here is a picture of the temperature yesterday morning on our way to school.  It was cold enough to have school delayed 2 hours. 21 degrees in Texas is just plain wrong.

Here is a picture from the morning.  Cold.  No ice, no snow.  Here, in Texas, we do have to worry about bridges and overpasses icing over.  And drivers.  No one can drive in the rain or snow here.

Enough about weather, let's get to some funny.  My kids.

Our neighbors had a Super Bowl party and while the adults watched the game, the kids layered as many dress-up clothes as they could.  Olivia never came downstairs, which is why I don't have a picture of her.

Hope your Friday is funny and snowy like ours!


  1. You could call it Freeze Friday also! Twenty one degrees is just so---Wrong. We are glad the ice missed us but it is too bad the kids have to make up three days instead of two. Good luck with telling them they have to go to school three days longer than they thought... Interesting Grandchildren by the way ;-)

  2. I for one am just about losing my mind his winter. It has been brutally cold up here. Today was in the teens and it's the warmest we've been for weeks. I swear below zero wind chills everyday. It is so cold! Last night I went to bed about six thirty just to get warm.
    But you gotta love having unexpected days off from school. It's what kids live for!
    The kids are adorable!


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