Monday, May 12, 2014

Another teacher appreciation week - day 1

Last week did not start off as planned, so I am a bit behind...  I was asked very last minute (just before 10pm Sunday night) to decorate a teacher's door that was neglected (not done) by the homeroom mom.  It was for Caleb's teacher and I could not say no.  I wanted to, but didn't.  She has been amazing this year with Caleb!  Last year I spent WEEKS planning and researching the door I decorated and this year was the complete opposite.  I looked at Pinterest, ran up to school for paper and had the door finished within a couple hours.  Even though it was not my best work, it got done and I know the teacher truly appreciated it.

I took a couple pictures with my phone...

Now back to the teacher gifts!

This year I planned on sending a little gift each day because the kids really got excited about handing their teacher something - even if it was small - last year.  So, for Day 1, they were blessed to receive original artwork done by me!

I painted signs for the teachers, a tutor and the librarian...

printed a simple tag to add to the sign...

Because of you,
I want to …

for all you do,

and had the kids sign their names...

and sent them off to school!

Check back for more teacher appreciation ideas!


  1. You are the best to help out last minute and I know Caleb's teacher so appreciated your time and creativity!!

    1. Great Subway art for all the teachers--and great reminder for kids...

  2. Great job Aubrey! Especially since it was so last minute. You come up with the best gift ideas.


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