Thursday, July 10, 2014

New york - week 2

The summer is flying by here in New York!  Week 2 was spent eating, swimming, shopping, exploring, and more.  Take a look!

We have been trying out as many local restaurants as we can - especially the pizza restaurants!  Each pizza has been different, all have been so good!  We found a favorite breakfast place.  It is a very small restaurant as you can see from the next picture.  It is called Beverly's Eatery and there are approximately 10 tables with a counter/bar area.  The kitchen is big enough for two cooks.  The food is amazing!  The kids always order the french toast with "white stuff" on it... also known as powdered sugar.  I usually order one of the quiche specials.  This last weekend Chad ordered the bowl of yummy - and it was!!!

After breakfast, we drove to Round Lake to an antique and craft festival.  As we were walking there the kids found a friend.

There were rows and rows of booths full of treasures!  It was torture seeing all these unique items that we had no way of getting back to Texas.

This sign was as tall as me...

And they were only asking $575 for it!  What?!

This is the one thing I wanted to buy.  It was $30 and would be perfect on Caleb's wall to display Lego figures.

Tons of Balls jars.  There is a Ball factory in Saratoga Springs.

Lots of golf treasures!

This is what the homes near the antique fair looked like.  Not too shabby!

We drove around so we could see where Global Foundries (the whole reason we are in New York now) is located.  This is one of the buildings, Chad has offices in two other areas close to our apartment.

We also went to the Saratoga Springs hot air balloon festival - and saw a wizard...

Such a pretty sight to see all the colorful balloons in the sky!

It was so bright out!

Caleb got a little popcorn snack.  Olivia helped him eat this entire bag in 2 days :-)  Ella despises popcorn... loathes popcorn.  The smell of popcorn makes her gag.  I feel the same way about sprinkles on donuts.  Yuck!

They had a hot air balloon on the ground that the kids could walk into.  They are huge!

They had a petting zoo and pony rides.

The kids sure are happy to spend time with their Dad.

The weather here is crazy.  Temperature wise it is in the mid 80's which is perfect.   And then clouds come in and it rains.  What is this thing called rain?  We don't see a lot of it in Texas!

Of course, there was more swimming!

I am the ONLY person at the pool that wears a big floppy hat to shade my skin from the sun.  I don't think New Yorkers have heard about skin cancer.  Or they just don't care.  Even the kids ask me why everyone lays out in the hot sun...

One of the kids favorite things to do is go on walks around the ponds.  There are lots of tiny frogs they like to hunt for. 

Can you see how itty bitty it is?!  They catch them and let them go right away.

Here is a good picture of our apartment to the right (and our cars).  The pool is right behind us and one of the ponds is to the left.  Perfect location for exploring!

Chad has been teaching the kids how to skip rocks!

There are the kids on the other side of the pond.

Ella broke the law on the walk and had to do her time being tied to the light pole.

In typical Ella fashion, she broke out and ran for it!

The girls found a field of flowers.

Another great week!

Now, if I could just convince these kids that reading, writing in their journals, math workbooks, and chores are also fun summer activities...


  1. What another fun week for your family!! I love the antique fair--saw lots of things you could have mailed back here--for me and you! Love the balloons--so colorful and pretty and HUGE!! Fun to actually walk in them. The girls picked one of my favorite flowers--Daisies--I just love them--they just make you smile to see them--such a simple thing to make you happy. Love the photos with them in the girls hair and the one of Olivia throwing them in the air-Cute!! The best part for all of you is to be with Chad--the whole family together--worth us missing you all. Keep posting all your adventures--I can see why Chad loves it there--but can't wait to have you back in Texas. Caleb must really be missing the hot weather here--he is always in his hoodie--poor kid. This weekend maybe up to 100!!! He can enjoy it when you are back from your vacation in August...

  2. What a great time you are having! I love all these updates. I bet the kids are just loving having the pool and the pond right behind them. Perfect for being a kid. Lots of swimming and exploring! Can't wait to see what you have for us the next time.

  3. By the way, I love that little Singer sewing machine. How cute!


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