Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New york - week 3, paht 2

Are you ready for "paht" 2?!  Get it?!  I have to give Mom credit for that funny!

Our second day in Boston was just as busy.  After eating breakfast in the hotel (omelets prepared by a chef and french toast for the kiddos), we headed to the New England Aquarium.

This is Mrytle the green sea turtle.  She has lived in the giant ocean tank since 1970!

The gift ship was full of fun, unique items.

These purses were so cute and I wanted to buy each of the girls one.  The only problem was they were $40.  No purses for them :(

After the aquarium, we grabbed some delicious lunch - fish and chips!  Chad had clam chowdah and the kids had chicken strips and fries.

We walked around and did a little shopping.  I love these yellow light fixtures!

The kids had some (more) ice cream.

We found yet another carousel!

And then Chad bought the kids duck whistles.  What was he thinking?!  I guess it makes sense since were were headed on a duck tour.

The kids actually behaved with their whistles and only blew them when they were told.  I have since hidden them.

Ella fell asleep during the duck tour.  This girl goes and goes and then she is done.

The tour was a lot of fun.  I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised!  We learned about where the Declaration of Independence was read at the Old State House.

We saw so many beautiful buildings.

This one is a prison.

The tour guide asked for a volunteer and Caleb raised his hand - before he even knew what he would be asked to do!  Luckily, it was for a volunteer to drive the boat.

After the duck tour we walked around some more.  Lots of interesting people playing instruments, beating on buckets like drums, painting pictures, dancing, and posing like this person.

While shopping we found the kids sunglasses, slippers (it is colder in New York than Texas!) and we found cute little purses for the girls for $5!

For dinner we promised Olivia her favorite - P.F. Changs.  This girls loves her some rice.  The girls created and devoured their own lettuce wraps complete with lettuce and rice.  Yum.

P.F. Changs is not Caleb's favorite.  He is like a mini Papa.  Hates the smells.  Hates trying anything new.   He is picky, but slowly getting better.  We ordered plain chicken for him to eat.  

True story about Caleb:  He was eating a piece of toasted bread.  Bread with a bit of olive oil on it.  He took a bite and was disgusted.  He said it tasted like celery and spinach.  Chad and I looked at each other because he sounded JUST LIKE PAPA!  

We stopped at a restaurant called Finale for dessert.  I had the best strawberry cheese cake ever.  Chad and the kids had chocolate creations.  So good!

The girls were wiped from all the walking.

One thing Caleb loves is pizza.  We walked by a pizza place on the way home and had to get him a couple slices.

He ate them as he planned our last day in Boston.

Check back for the rest of week 3!


  1. You are having the times of your life!!! So much fun and learning some interesting history too. This has been the best posts seeing all the places you are going and seeing what the kids are doing. We miss you all so much--it has been too quiet with just Papa and Uncle once in a while. Chad is doing a great job as tour guide--with the help of Caleb! Can't wait to see your next posts. Keep them coming--we love seeing y'all!!!!! ;-)

  2. Boston looks so beautiful. Such a great experience for all of you.

    P.S. Love Ella's freckles......just like her Mom!


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