Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mom and Dad's kitchen redo (and outside updates too!)

A lot has changed in Mom and Dad's kitchen in the last few months.  Dad painted all the cabinets a light, creamy color and added new knobs and pulls.  The kitchen sink fixture was also updated.  Mom painted the pantry door a bright apple green color.  When the cabinets were finished, she shopped for new stainless steel appliances.  You can't have new cabinets with old appliances, it just doesn't work.

The new look has resulted in a brighter and more updated kitchen!

Mom asked me to make a "pantry" sign with my Silhouette machine.  It comes in handy when you are in the kitchen and forget where the pantry is...  

Mom saw the red knobs and had to have this stove!

Here is a BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

Another BEFORE:


And one more BEFORE:

And final AFTER:

Now, let's take a look outside...

Mom and Dad painted their front door red and updated the door knob and light to new, oil rubbed bronze ones.

I made Mom this sign for Mother's Day.  I'm pretty sure she was the only mom to get a handmade, one-of-a-kind no soliciting sign made from an old drawer front for a gift that day.  

You're welcome, Mom ;-) 

I made this hello. sign with my Silhouette machine as well.  I am kind of addicted and want to label all things!

As you can see by the next pictures, Dad works hard at feeding his birds and keeping his lawn and flower beds perfect.

Mom has always wanted to add shutters to their house.  Dad made these shutters and they painted them black.  They are the perfect addition to the front of the house.

My favorite, by far, are the little plants that Dad carefully planted in these cedar pieces.  When Dad takes a walk to get the mail, he usually comes back with a new treasure (cedar limbs/branches, rocks). Some have even been added to flower beds at my house.  Thanks, Dad!

Here are a few pictures of the flowers in the backyard.

One of our favorite things to do is feed the neighbors dog, Molly.  She has us all trained to sneak her a treat through the fence whenever we are outside.

Jordie is not too happy with sharing his treats...

There is the neighbor dog, Molly.

Here is a BEFORE picture of the front of the house when they first bought it:

And the AFTER:

I hope you enjoyed seeing the updates at Mom and Dad's house.  Pretty impressive changes!


  1. Thank you Aubrey--your posts show such a difference in our kitchen!! Dad bought new lights so the kitchen is so much brighter--too late for your pictures. I still love walking into the kitchen and it is so bright and clean and fresh looking. And I love love love the SS appliances. Especially the red on the knobs of the stove--that little bit makes me happy! The shutters, red door paint, new light all look good--and the plants are adding so much. Dad loves the succulents and won't let me do anything in the yard--he is really enjoying taking care of it. (Not like I did not pick out, plant and care for most of the flower beds back in Wisconsin!) The back has grown so much since these pics and looks much better. It is a trial and error here to find what does best in the heat and dry and in our backyard mostly shady. We have lots of trees which helps with the heat--but not flowers. You did a great job with the pictures and writing the blog--again Thank You So Much (To Dew) ;-) Good one huh.....

  2. Very nice! Sandy, you have such a good eye for decorating. Not me. I love the signs you made Aubrey. So fun! The outside is very nice and the shutters look great. I like your nice simple landscaping.
    P.S. I think Molly should come and live with you... then she wouldn't have to eat through the fence :)


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