Thursday, July 24, 2014

New york - week 3, paht 3

The final part of our week!

After another omelet and french toast filled breakfast at the hotel, we ended our weekend in Boston with a visit to The Museum of Science.

Caleb brought his camera and took a lot of pictures - and selfies!

This exhibit was a test to see how quietly you could walk through the forest.  I have never witnessed my children being so quiet.

Don't mind that message written next to the dinosaur footprint...

The kids even attended school!

Ella was probably in detention ;-)

Olivia was the teacher.  She looks pretty serious!

Ella was so scared!

Caleb had to run from the giant grasshopper!

We saw a show about electricity.

Caleb programmed a robot.

This bed of nails could have entertained them for hours!

The Grossology Lab was just that, gross!

And just a few pictures from the gift shop.

This one is for Mom!

Caleb was one lucky dude because...

we made one last stop at Wahlburgers!  Just because.  This time the line was out the door so we had to wait a bit, but it was well worth it.  I ordered my same BBQ bacon burger because if it ain't broke... eat the same burger.  This time Chad ordered the burger of the month - surf and turf.  That would be a burger topped with lobstah!  Yum!!!


I wish you could buy these green chairs.  I would buy three!

Boston was so much fun!  We tried to see as many things as we could, but there is so much more.  I would definitely love to go back soon and show the kids more of the history found in Boston.

Until we meet again, Donnie!

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  1. Lobstah!
    I want the soft kitty t-shirt!


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