Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New york - week 8

Time to share about week 8!

We went to the Washington County flea market.  I love flea markets, but hate that I cannot buy anything ;-(

I love old crates.

This ampersand was huge!  I would have bought this if I could have gotten it home.

Olivia found the perfect letter for her room!  We searched and searched, but there was no E to be found.  Sorry, Ella.

The kids found this bug on our front porch.  He was the size of my hand!

The kids played nicely ;-)

The kids swam... and it rained again.

The rain didn't stop the kids from having fun!  They danced and sang under the covered patio.  It amazes me how easily kids make friends.  We now have pool playdates with their new friends!

After a long day of swimming, we snuggled in and watched some movies.

The girls organized their crayons and markers.

If they only stayed this way!

Check back for an "extreme" post!


  1. That Flea Market looked so great! You could have mailed back clothes and put your "Finds" in your suitcase! Or visa versa. There is always a way. It makes me want to go to some Thrifts, GW and Antiques here and in Georgetown. More fun--can't wait to see your extreme post.....

  2. I see lots of things at that flea market I would like! You are having so much fun!

    That bug is icky.


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