Thursday, August 14, 2014

New york - week 9

This week was a fun one!

We visited the Saratoga Spa State Park.  This park covers 800 acres and it known for it's mineral spas. The waters are believed to have healing powers.

Olivia started singing The Rainbow Connection.

Poor Olivia smashed her finger while carrying a brick for Caleb.  They kids were having so much fun building dams... until the finger incident.  Luckily, the springs are known for their healing powers so we dipped her finger in the water, wrapped it in bandaids and prayed that it would heal quickly!

The next morning, we surprised the kids with a trip to Adirondack Extreme - an adventure obstacle course!

The kids were fitted with harnesses.

All participants must go through a training class and course.

The kids listened closely and did so well.  I think I was more nervous watching them!  After you successfully complete the practice run, they send you off to complete your course on your own.

This girl was SO proud of herself!  We were so proud of the kids!

After the ziplining obstacle course, we headed to Lake George to rent a boat for the afternoon.

This is a resort off of Lake George.  I guess I would stay there if I had to.

The kids thought waving at every boat that passed by was just as much fun as tubing.

There was a public beach next to the marina where we rented our boat.  A perfect way to end the day!

The kids climbed on top of the refrigerator.  Kidding.  Chad put them up there.

Chad found these two vintage bikes on Craigslist for only $80!  He replaced the wheels and cleaned them up and now we can bike while the kids scooter.

And this may surprise you... we went to the pool!  I am going to miss my daily view...

Caleb is leading his "boys" in one of many games.

Olivia and Ella have become friends with two girls whose dad also works for Applied Materials.

Ella jumped (and jumped) and asked me to take some pictures.  I think she just wanted to splash me.

And that makes me officially caught up on our New York updates.  I hope you are not sick of seeing our pictures because there will be more to come.  We have a couple weeks left here and more fun planned!


  1. Nothing to add--you've just had the very best time of any summer!! The kids are so happy every day, That says it all.....

  2. Your kids are very brave doing that obstacle course and the tubing. I might have been a little scared...
    I love all these pictures you are posting. I can't wait for your new updates. But we need a picture of you too!

  3. How about pictures of you and Chad doing the obstacle course??? :)
    Glad you guys are having so much fun this summer!

    1. The kids only did the kids course. Maybe next time!

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