Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New york - week 5

Time continues to fly by this summer!  I am falling behind on my updates, but hope to get a few posted this week.

Here is a quick look at week 5...

The kids are still loving hunting for turtles - and they finally caught some!  Chad was the first one in the pond in this picture, but they kids were right behind him!  Soon, everyone was ankle deep in water grabbing for turtles.

The first turtle Chad caught was a small, shy one.

The next turtle was bigger - and feistier!

We still continue to visit the pool every day - usually twice.  Here the kids are doing their daily pool stretches ;-)

Once stretches are complete, it is time to hold hands and jump in!

One day it started to sprinkle... so naturally, my kiddos built a fort and were safe from the rain!

Some days at the pool are more tragic than others...

Caleb snuck some more selfies on my camera!

My little mini-me and I were dressed alike... tank tops, cardigans and pajama pants! 

We walked around downtown Saratoga Springs.  It is so pretty, full of unique shops and restaurants. We are on a quest to find a good Mexican restaurant here in New York.  I sure miss my Chuys back in Texas.  They have the best queso compuesto (queso with ground beef, guacamole and salsa mixed in) and their coronaritas (margaritas with a small Corona beer) are the best!

Queso here is totally different.  We did find a margarita that came pretty close.  This restaurant had outdoor seating in a cute alley way.

Meet the chupacabra.  A mammoth margarita!

We also had a New York version of queso and a delicious lump crab cake with mango salsa.  The kids ate chicken strips and french fries.

We walked around some more.

We stopped in a cute little shop for some gelato.

The streets of Saratoga Springs are full of musicians and artists.

There are also statues of ballet shoes and horses along the sidewalks.

This restaurant has a new poem each day.

The girls loved this shoe that was topped with a huge diamond.

The houses in Saratoga Springs are amazing!  The pictures speak for themselves...

A lot of the fancy houses and apartments have this jockey statue out front.

We went mini golfing and had so much fun!

Caleb got a hole in one!

He actually got two!  One because Ella was standing on the green while Caleb hit the ball.  It hit her foot perfectly and went in!  That counts, right?! 

Stepping into the little pond to retrieve balls seemed like more fun than using the long scoop!

The rotating hole was the trickiest!

Caleb took of his flip flops and created a trap to help hit his ball in.

He also tried this ;-)

We went to the Saratoga Racetrack for a pre-opening track race.  It was free and you could watch different races and pet this cute horse.  His name was Duluth.  Duluth tried to bite Chad.

The kids made wishes and tossed pennies under the horse.

On a rainy day, we headed to the movie theater to see Earth to Echo.  Cute movie!

Another fun week down - and more to go!


  1. I love your posts and all your pictures! I'm so glad you are keeping us updated on your summer vacation. It sure looks like all of you are having a great time.

  2. So pretty--so many things to do--so much fun!! A great summer--thank you for sharing it all with us.....


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