Saturday, August 9, 2014

New york - week 7

Week 7!  How can it be seven weeks in New York?  Where is summer going?!

This week was another week at the pool.  It sure is handy to have a free (cost and maintenance!) pool within steps of your residence!  Sometimes at the pool you need to braid your sister's hair or wear your sister's goggles on the back of your head ;-)

The set up of this apartment complex is perfect for roller blading!  The only problem is a couple of the kids still need some extra practice and aren't quite set on roller blading.

So, we decided to pick up some scooters!  The kids have been on them NON STOP!

I was snappin' away when they all ditched their scooters...

... because Dad was home!

Caleb usually brings his backpack with.  The backpack carries water bottles for a quick refuel.

And Nerf guns because you just never know when you might need one!

If you look above Ella's head, you can see Olivia scootering around the pond.  

Well hello, Ella.

We went to the Saratoga County Fair.  An excellent place for people watching and snacking on yummy food!

There were some interesting booths at the fair.  I did a little Christmas shopping.

Lots of games with amazing prizes!

The games were very pricey, so the kids only played a few.

They made their own slushies!

If you drink a slushie too fast you get a "freeze brain" according to Ella.

There was a huge display of a miniature circus.  Does that make any sense?

Antiques to look at.

There were cute cows to look at and pet.

This farmer saw the kids looking at his cows and brought them each over to pet his ribbon winning cows.  They were so soft!

Caleb learned how to shoot a bow and arrow... like a boss.

We saw amazingly tall horses!

It sure is nice to look over and see sisters helping each other!

The girls went on their very first camel ride!

Then the girls galloped over to the pony rides.

The petting zoo was my favorite part!

 Ella's shirt must have tasted pretty good!

After a long, hot day at the fair we went out for dinner at Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse.  Your steak comes with a side of pasta!

Cowgirl Ella waited patiently for her grub.

Even though Caleb is a picky eater, he loves steak!  AND buttered noodles so he was in his glory ;-)

Olivia could not believe how big her meatball was!

After a bit of rain, the mailboxes became the scooter car wash!

We found ANOTHER ice cream place with yummy soft serve.

Olivia zoned while munching on cheese balls.

Chad and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  15 years!!!

We had a delicious steak dinner with prosciutto wrapped asparagus and truffle french fries.  So good! We were treated to a mouse trio dessert from the restaurant.

There was a band playing and the girls were so excited to dance.  They are a bit shy so they danced in the corner.  The girls were so excited to wear their long dresses and "jests" - jean vests that they renamed.  Good one, girls!

The kids are "scootering" so much, Chad ordered lights so the kids could scooter at night.  The box arrived in perfect condition.

No worries, Mom.  The kids helmets have flashing lights in the back and the new lights are added to the front of their scooters.  AND we are always with the kids.  I know how you worry ;-)

We ended the week with a trip to see Auntie Ade!  Ade was in Buffalo/Niagara Falls for work so we met halfway in Syracuse.  We met at a huge mall and rode as many escalators as we could!

We ate lunch at Dave & Busters - and took some silly pictures.

And played lots of games!

And took more silly pictures!

And ate some yummy cookies ;-)

And added to our Build a Bear collections.

We are so glad we got to meet Auntie Ade for the day.  The kids kept telling me that I have a "fun" sister!


  1. What can I say to add to such a perfect week!! Our Grandchildren have had the best time in their lives this summer!! I have such a smile on my face and some giggles too looking at all these photos of them having such a great time. (And a couple tears too I admit) We have missed y'all so much this summer--but when we see how happy you and the kids and Chad are it is easier. They pics with the kids running and hugging Chad when he came home from work is exactly what you three did as kids. Drop everything and run to Daddy--it brings back precious memories of you, Adrienne and Christopher doing the same. What a wonderful week--what a wonderful summer...LYLALAMYLM

  2. You are having such a great summer! I am so glad we get to share in all your adventures. And it is so great you got to meet Adrienne and spend some time with her. I must admit though as soon as I saw the pictures with Ade I started to cry.....I miss all of you soooo much!

    1. Seeing Ade makes me cry too;-)

    2. Whatevs, Aubs! You know you cried when we left the mall - probably because you couldn't find your car. Had so much fun seeing you and the kids. Although why didn't you post any of the pictures I took of you?

    3. PS. Yes, I am the fun sister. But you already knew that.


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