Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Celebration!

Ella had a busy birthday!  Take a look!
Her day began with Starbucks hot chocolate and a bacon gouda egg sandwich - yum!

Followed by a quick "nuggle" with her beloved fluffy and blankie.

Then it was time to get dressed for preschool.. and be silly!

She had to make sure her new skirt twirled properly.

She got  a surprise from Daddy - a lion and flowers! 

Cupcakes for preschool!

Ella and her best buddy Ellie!

Olivia lost her tooth at school - which is a BIG deal.  She has been waiting for this.  If you lose your tooth at school, you get sent to the nurses office and she gives you a tooth necklace to keep your tooth in.  So exciting!

Taking a quick nap after preschool.  Birthdays are exhausting!

 Dinner at Outback Steakhouse!

So glad Grandpa Plem is able to celebrate with us!

The employees brought Ella an oreo hot fudge sundae.  They told her she could share or eat it all herself.  It was her choice.  She decided to share.  So sweet!

Everybody singing Happy Birthday!

Back at home for present time!  Ella got lots of little Disney princesses, La La Loopsies, Barbies and dress up clothes.  Everything a 5 year old needs:) 

Here is her birthday cake.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  A cake that looked like a present.  Pink frosting.  Pink and purple polka dots and an orange bow.

Make a wish!

Silly Papa!

Staying up late to play with the new toys!

Somebody dressed up the Prince (Grandpa Plem, did you do that?!)

Getting ready for bed...

Happy 5th Birthday Ella!  We love you so much!!


  1. Ella had such a wonderful 5th Birthday! Lots of cake and presents and family to share it with. She was such a happy girl and very Thankful for all her presents and cakes and ice cream!! Olivia and Ella had a ball playing with all her new gifts--(as did Papa and Grampa Plem too!) Love your good manners Ella! Papa and I are so glad we get to be with our Grandchildren for their special day. Next on the list--Olivia turns 7 in March! (And Ericka, Christopher, Kathy, Adrienne, and Melissa too!!)

  2. Ella, you look like you had a very Happy Birthday, I love your doll and the dollhouse you were holding on your lap. I hope when we come to Texas you will let me play with the dollhouse. You are sure a lucky girl to have your grandma and grandpas to share your birthday. So glad your mom and you shared your pictures.

  3. What a fun birthday! It look's like it was a very special and fun day! I can't believe Ella is five already! And Aubrey you really outdid yourself with those cupcakes :)

  4. Love seeing Ella's birthday pictures!Looks like a wonderfully fun and festive day :) Happy 5th Birthday, Ella!


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