Friday, February 3, 2012

Update - Moving

Warning:  The pictures you are about to see may look like an episode of Hoarders. 
This is not tv, it is real life.

Ok, we all know moving is not fun.  Not fun at all.  Especially when you own 64 watering cans, 89 lamps and lamp shades, 5 million candles,  28 random chairs, and boxes and boxes of Goodwill "treasures" and stamping accessories.   Not to mention everything else that comes with a house.

Anyhoo, the move has begun and Mom and Dad have done A LOT of work getting their house settled.  I cannot wait to help Mom get the guestroom/craft room organized.  We bought a really cute desk for the room today!

Take a look at the progress so far!

Still working on floating shelves... we are thinking of using old barn wood. 

New tv, new media center.

New chairs for the tv room.

New tv for tv room.

 New toile bedding for guestroom.

Up close of the many "treasures."  Look at all those wine corks.  Never knew Mom and Dad drank so much wine!

Mom and Dad got new furniture for the master bedroom.  They even up sized to King!  
I love this furniture.  It is big and chunky.  That's how we roll in Texas.

New couch, love seat and leather recliner.  There is still one more chair that has been ordered.  That will replace the leather chair that will move to Dad's office.  Or so I think.   Unless both chairs fit.

The good news is we are going through every box and purging a lot.  The other good news is a lot of it still has Goodwill stickers on it, so the employees are thanking Dad for saving them the time to price everything!  :)

It always gets worse before it gets better... and it will be fun to post the final pictures when their house is settled.

(Remember Mom and Dad, you said you would take the kids overnight when all the boxes were unpacked.)


  1. I'm speechless. You can't possibly be thinking of getting rid of the corks. I think it was the last thing we desperately search around to find room for in the 5th wheel before leaving Wisconsin. I don't know what to say!! Seriously, some major purging in Texas? I think I should consider it in Wisconsin. Where does one get all this stuff and why do we think we need it. Aubrey you need to come and help me.It is looking so good and I really like the new furniture. Can't wait to see the final settling in pictures.

  2. Love seeing the progress!I like the new furniture! Now didn't you haul all of your old furniture to Texas?????? LOL what happened to that!?

    Good luck with the purging and returning...enjoy the final settling in. It is a wonderful home :)

  3. Sowwy you all saw my hoarding problem--I knew I had a lot of stuff, but who know this?! Anyway, Aubrey has been a huge help getting things in order and encouraging me to purge a lot of the "Old Crap" I have kept and of course much of the GW treasures I never needed and have no where to put. She came over today and we have really changed the look of the photos above! Tomorrow we attempt to make headway with the stamping and paper and all that. When it looks like a real home--I will have her take pics of what it looks like.

    1. By the way--wait till you see the Beautiful Home Warming gift that Chad and Aubrey gave us today---photos to come...


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